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Perfect Fitness Voorhees – Fitness Studio and More

Perfect Fitness Voorhees – Fitness Studio and More
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Perfect Fitness in Voorhees NJ is a fitness studio offering a full health and wellness experience, targeted at building up strength, cardio and mental well-being!

Most other gyms put the focus on weight training with a few add-on extras.  For Perfect Fitness the core focus is on a more well-rounded approach to staying in shape physically, mentally and holistically… offering extensive group classes, state-of-the-art cycling room, TRX personal training and more.

To round out the full-body experience, Perfect Fitness also offers a variety of massage therapies, infrared saunas, smoothie and snack bar area and even private Trackman Golf Simulator spaces!

Perfect Fitness is located in the Cedar Hill Shopping Center on Route 73 in the same building as Dooney’s Pub.  Lowe’s is also in the center, and they are located somewhat across from Virtua Hospital.

Inside Perfect Fitness it is a beautifully designed facility which instead of one large room… is separated into distinct areas/rooms which further helps provide a focused fitness work out; body and mind.

The front lobby area features a common gathering place at the Smoothie and Snack bar which brings members together to share experiences, and enjoy refreshing and healthy drinks.

Perfect Fitness – Workouts

Two of the core trainings spaces are the cycling room and the group class area.

The class area in the back right of Perfect Fitness features an extensive schedule starting as early as 5:45 AM and running into the evening!

Looking at the current schedule they seem to be averaging about six classes a day, with offerings including Yoga, Zumba, Kick Boxing, Total Body Strength, TRX Express, Level Up Strength, Total Body Burn Boxing, Body Sculpt and even Self-Defense!

The back left room is home to the large cycling room featuring over three dozen cycles.

A variety of classes are available focused on different levels of workout and fun, including power cycling, quick cycling, cycling for beginners and even a fun 45-minute theme cycling class where you can get lost in the music and party atmosphere while getting in your “heart pumping” workout.

The TRX Training Room is a state-of-the-art workout space created to transform your body and improve your fitness level.

There are a range of exercises to challenge every muscle group with a goal of achieving your fitness goals faster.

Expert instructors are available to help guide you through the TRX equipment safely, as well as optimizing your time for maximum results.

Perfect Fitness – Massage and Relax

Perfect Fitness also offers a variety of relaxation and muscle soothing offerings to provide that full-body workout.

Massage therapy is a big part of the Perfect Fitness, featuring experienced massage therapists, some of whom who previously worked at the well-know Toppers Spa.

At Perfect Fitness you can choose from six different core massage types including Perfect Melt – Hot Stone massage, Perfect Chill – Swedish Massage and even a Prenatal Massage tailored for expectant moms!

A very unique offering to Perfect Fitness are their multiple Infrared Saunas. Beautifully designed private sauna areas which use an infrared heat to raise the temperature in the space… for a true relaxing sauna conditioning.

It will melt away stress, leaving you rejuvenated!

Tammy put a lot of thought into providing a full healthy training environment as clean towels are provided on site and a sophisticated air exchanger was installed… which replaces all of the air in the entire space every 7 minutes.  Filtered fresh and healthy.

Trackman Golf Simulators

Perfect Fitness also features several Trackman Golf Simulators where you can play over 180 world class golf courses…  in the comfort of a private indoor space.

Trackman is the industry’s leading golf simulator technology which captures over 40 different parameters of your golf stroke including your swing, connection with the ball, and then the ball’s trajectory.

So not only does Trackman show your ball as it moves through the simulated virtual course, it gives you very precise data tracking metrics on things such as Club Speed, Attack Angle, Dynamic Loft, Club Path, Face Angle and Spin Loft… data points you can use to improve your game!

Classes are offered as private individual or groups, and the golf spaces are available for corporate events or other friendly get togethers.

With Dooney’s Pub just a few minutes walk down the shopping center, you could book a Trackman golf experience at Perfect Fitness and then finish off with cold beer at Dooney’s!

Becoming Member

Perfect Fitness truly is a unique health and Wellness facility which really needs to be appreciated in person!

For the core fitness facilities free passes are offered as well as monthly memberships.  Some features including the golf simulators and massages may be at an extra charge.

I say the best thing is to stop in and talk to Tammy and her staff, who will happily give you a tour of Perfect Fitness so that you can get a true understanding of how Perfect Fitness would be the “Perfect Fit” for your future health and wellness needs!

Links and Location

Perfect Fitness
Cedar Hill Shopping Center
154 Route 73
Voorhees NJ 08043