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Two VP Racing Fuels Gas Stations for Washington Twp, One is Open. Brooklawn All-New Coming

Two VP Racing Fuels Gas Stations for Washington Twp, One is Open.  Brooklawn All-New Coming
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A new VP Racing Fuels gas station has opened in Washington Township (Gloucester County), on the Northbound side of the Black Horse Pike. The associated Winner’s Circle convenience store will open in a few weeks.

A second Washington Township location on the Black Horse Pike (Southbound) will open in a few months. Also, in Brooklawn last week they demolished a former gas station ahead of a full new rebuild.

Locations are also planned for Berlin, Maple Shade and possibly other South Jersey towns.

So to get this out of the way up front, despite the “Racing” aspect in the name this is a very traditional consumer gas station and convenience store…  they are not offering any higher octane or racing quality fuels.

The name “VP Racing” refers to a much larger fuel company which is a well recognized name in auto racing. Initially focused on racing fuels, over the years they have branched into other product lines and carried the name throughout all their ventures. I have more on their history in my January article.

One unique fuel product listed at the opened Washington Township location is off-road diesel, which is regular diesel fuel but targeted at vehicles which do not ride the public roadways, such as construction equipment.

Off-road diesel is less expensive, as it does not include state roadway taxes… and it is illegal to use off-road diesel in roadway passenger vehicles. VP Racing in Washington Township shows the off-road as being .25 cheaper

VP Racing – Washington Twp Black Horse Pike North

The new VP Racing Gas Station is a remodel of an older station which is located on the Northbound side of the Black Horse Pike between Dunkin’ Donuts and Crab Dujour (Dunkin’ Donuts is next to Starbucks).

it’s a very traditional gas station set up with a large overhead canopy to protect from the rain and a center positioned smaller convenience store, which VP Racing Fuels calls Winner’s Circle.

I purchase gas a few days ago and they were very busy with about six or eight cars getting gas.

As mentioned the Winner Circle convenience store is not open just yet, and I am curious about what they will be offering!

VP Racing Fuels Gas Station at Greentree Road

A second VP Racing Fuels gas station is coming to Washington Township’s Black Horse Pike commercial corridor, with the new location on the Southbound side of the roadway.

The location is at the intersection of Greentree Road, and is currently a closed gas station.

As a point of reference for the location, this gas station is directly next to the Chick-Fil-A, and sits immediately at the corner of Greentree Rd.

As mentioned, a representative unofficially states they expect it to take 2 months before opening.

VP Racing Fuels Gas Station – Brooklawn

Over in Brooklawn NJ, VP Racing Fuels also took over another older gas station property which is at the corner of Kings Highway and Browning Road.

For this project they have chosen to build a completely new gas station, and last week they demolished the older convenience store building.

The new Winner’s Circle convenience store building will be larger at 3,000 sq ft, and built closer to the back of the wedge-shaped property, to allow more room for the fueling stations.

Local news website South Jersey Observer has the exterior renderings for the Brooklawn convenience store (Winner’s Circle).

This development will also include a new fueling canopy and a new underground storage tank system.

This is a busy intersection of Brooklawn positioned right across from the Brooklawn Shopping Center. A Super Wawa is located close by along Route 130 with only a Rite-Aid store separating the two gas stations.

Links and Locations

VP Racing Fuels Gas Station (Now Open for Gas)
5440 Route 42 / Black Horse Pike
Washington Township NJ

VP Racing Fuels Gas Station (Coming Soon)
5681 Route 42 / Black Horse Pike
Washington Township NJ

VP Racing Fuels Gas Station (Coming Soon)
706 Browning Lane
Brooklawn NJ