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BurgerFi Cherry Hill is Open! I Stopped In for Lunch

BurgerFi Cherry Hill is Open!  I Stopped In for Lunch
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The BurgerFi Cherry Hill fast-casual hamburger restaurant opened this week in the Ellisburg Shopping center (Whole Foods). I stopped in yesterday to try out their burgers. Delicious!

The BurgerFi building is located along the Kings Highway side of the Ellisburg Center but for car access to the parking lot you must turn into to shopping center first. (more on this below)

BurgerFi is in the “better burger” category of national burger chains.. and for them this means all-natural Angus Beef free of steroids, additives and hormones.

The new BurgerFi fast casual restaurant is open in Cherry Hill NJ

Their fries are hand-cut daily from whole potatoes. The jumbo onion rings are hand battered and always made to order!

Chicken sandwiches and tenders are also available, as well as Wagyu Beef hot dogs!!!

They also offer a variety of delicious frozen treats including; shakes, custard cups and Concretes… which is a cup of ice cream mixed with ingredients such as red velvet cake or Oreo cookies.

Milkshakes seem to be a big deal at BurgerFi as the counter/kitchen area has a section boldly labeled “Milkshake Station”

BurgerFi fast casual restaurant is open in Cherry Hill NJ featuring burgers, chicken, hot dogs and… the Milkshake Station!

BurgerFI started 11 years ago in Fort Lauderdale Florida and today have over 200 locations.

A location in Center City Philadelphia next to the convention center has been in operation since almost the start of the BurgerFi business!

42Freeway (via our Marlton Pike affiliate) was the first to report on the upcoming BurgerFi restaurant back in November 2020. The building was previously a Mattress Firm location.

BurgerFi Cherry Hill

BurgerFi Cherry Hill is a free-standing building adjacent to honeygrow (which is the last store of the main center building). It sits along Kings Highway and is clearly visible from the busy local road.

The building is approximately 3,000 sq ft and has an additional 525 sq ft outdoor patio area.

This fancier dining room style table seating with overhead lighting is for the lucky few.. as there is just one spot like this in the restaurant! The image shows the windows which surround the dining area.

Almost the entire customer dining area is floor to ceiling glass, which really lets the sunshine in.

The interior design is a modern industrial steel look. The back wall area and other accent pieces have a honeycomb steel covering on the bottom and an unfinished natural looking oak shiplap on the upper section.

There is a counter to place your order, but matching the trend of other fast restaurants there are several self ordering kiosks in the area.

The interior seating is comfortable and does the job. Along the back wall there are some cushioned bench style seats.

A large outdoor dining area is available at the new Cherry Hill BurgerFi, with plenty of glass walls surrounding the interior

There is a bonus premium spot in the restaurant.. a dining table with overhead hanging lights! For special occasions!

Accessing the BurgerFi parking area is not difficult, but it’s something to be aware of.

So like most shopping center “pad” sites you have to enter into the shopping center first from any of the many entrances.

The entrance into the BurgerFi dedicated parking area is along the short exit road out of the shopping center at Kings Highway (traffic signal intersection).

BurgerFi Chery Hill is located in the Ellisburg Shopping Center. Their parking is accessible from inside the shopping center.

The BurgerFi Burger!

Yes I ordered a burger and it was delicious!

Well I made a small mistake with the ordering, choosing hamburger instead of cheesburger!

But my ordering mistake was ok.. because it allowed me to focus on the hamburger meat, which was fresh, juicy and tasty.

Two patties, lettuce and the BurgerFi sauce.

I went into this with zero prior knowledge of what their burgers were about.

For under $9 my hamburger was a double patty.

The burger patties were slightly in the “smash” category and were wide.. wider than the bun!

And that’s a good thing!

My burger came with lettuce and a BurgerFi sauce… which was very tasty and seemed to be based on Thousand Island dressing. I see other images showing a slice of tomato. I didn’t receive one so not sure if I needed to ask for that.

A closer look at the BurgerFi burger patties!

So my next disappointment was that the burger was all that I ordered! it was getting closer to dinner time and I didn’t want to over do it!

Cherry Hill has all of the “better burger” chains in town so it’s tough to make a choice for one over the other but I know I’ll be back to try a Wagyu Beef hot dog, hand-cut fries and a milkshake!

Links and Locations

BurgerFi Cherry Hill (Now Open!)
1584 Kings Highway North
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

(856) 281-7523

11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Offers Pickup & Delivery with online ordering!

Website (Online Ordering)

The new BurgerFi fast casual restaurant is open in Cherry Hill NJ