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Burger Fi Proposed for Ellisburg Shopping Center in Cherry Hill

Burger Fi Proposed for Ellisburg Shopping Center in Cherry Hill
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The Cherry Hill Planning Board will meet on December 7th to consider a plan for a new Burger Fi at the Ellisburg Shopping Center, at the intersection of Route 70 and Kings Highway.

Plans call for the construction of a freestanding 2,988 square foot building housing Burger Fi, plus an additional 525 feet of outdoor seating.  The new restaurant would be located next to honeygrow, with the two restaurants separated by a drive lane.

The site would contain 15 parking spots plus 2 additional handicap spots.  (Plus there is plenty of additional parking in front of honeygrow and the rest of the existing stores.)

Site plan submitted to Cherry Hill Planning Board

The Mattress Firm currently at the location would be demolished (Update: 11/23/2020: It appears that the Mattress Firm may not be demolished, but the building may be retrofit to suit the needs of Burger Fi.)  Mattress Firm has another location in Cherry Hill on Haddonfield Road… and no one will complain about a mattress store being replaced by a new restaurant!

If approved, the Mattress Firm would be demolished

Burger Fi began in February 2011 and now has more than 100 locations across the US and beyond.   The closest location to us is in Center City Philadelphia.  Their menu features chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, shakes of course Burgers.  They also offer a wide variety of sauces to accompany your meal; garlic aioli, sweet BBQ, truffle aioli, chili, spicy mayo, Burger Fi sauce, and many more.

Damn that looks good! (Photo courtesy of