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Deptford’s Ocean State Job Lot is OPEN! Photos and Short Video

Deptford’s Ocean State Job Lot is OPEN!  Photos and Short Video
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Discount retailer Ocean State job Lot is officially open in Deptford NJ, taking over the former Toys R Us building (directly across from the mall). We stopped in this morning and share our thoughts and photos. Oh and I have a short commentary video!

First an apology.. we had posted they were opening on Friday November 19th, but they had a minor delay getting things ready… so very sorry if readers stopped in yesterday.

What is Ocean State Job Lots?

So Ocean State Job Lot is not only new to Deptford, they are new to South Jersey… which has had many readers asking in prior Facebook posts “What is it?  Are the Big Lots?  Are they Ollies?”

Partially yes to those questions.  It’s definitely in the Ollies and Big Lots category.  But it also felt a little more like a full store.  Reminded me a bit of the Ames Discount store in Deptford (which I remember as a kid), or even the Woolworth’s in Audubon.

There are very defined sections in the store.  Clothing, Grocery, Toys, Seasonal, Cleaning supplies (I got Lysol!), Housewares, Auto etc.

Really all of the things you would expect in a store… like the old Woolworth’s.  (I used Ames in my video below, but the more I think about it… the more I put them in line with Woolworth’s)

The products themselves included both name brand and off brand offerings.  I took a lot of photos of shelves to help give a sense of variety.

I didn’t do a deep price comparison, but as I walked around I picked up a variety of things (including that “worth more than gold” Lysol disinfectant, and was surprised to see how little it cost me.  Far from a scientific analysis. ha!

Crazy Deals are an exclusive OSJL promotional feature… where they offer special Crazy Deals where after purchasing, you get a gift card for the store which could actually make the product… FREE!

Right now they are featuring TWENTY Crazy Deals for Insiders for a crazy variety of products.  Faucets, masks, batteries, gloves.. and to understand how crazy this can be…  a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR massage chair, that if purchased will get you back a $5,000 Ocean Stats Job Lots gift cards.  Seriously, that is crazy!!

You must sign up as an OSJL Insider to participate!

Posting this on early Saturday afternoon (Nov 21, 2020) and I HOPE you are getting out of the house on this amazing day!  A great day to go shopping and try out this new store right in the Deptford Mall area!

We have photos below, and a short video (Three minutes or so of Mark commentary from the parking lot and then the same photos in the video)

Photos – Click a photo to see larger size