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Bleu Bear Gluten Free Market Opens in Marlton

Bleu Bear Gluten Free Market Opens in Marlton
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Shopping gluten-free is tough, and different stores require you to use different methods to satisfy your dietary needs. Some stores have a separate section dedicated to gluten-free products. Others have products mixed in with non-gluten free products. Still others have it on a random end-cap that you need a map and compass to find. And some make zero effort at supplying gluten free products.

Enter Bleu Bear Market.

Bleu Bear Market is the brain child of Mark Rooks and Ridgway Grace. They are the team behind several successful Haddonfield businesses: Rent-A-Chef catering, Haddonfield Donut Company, Beast of the Street food struck, and Bleu Bear Bakery. The Bleu Bear Bakery opened several years ago on Kings Highway in downtown Haddonfield, mostly featuring sweets and desserts. The success of that store led them to their newest venture in Marlton.

The Marlton store is much larger than the Haddonfield bakery and includes a much broader product line. Butcher meats, pasta, breads, soups, gelato, coffee and tea, and even gluten-free Lucky Charms and ready-to-bake Chocolate Chip Cookie dough. The Grand Opening was this morning at 7am and there were quite a few customers already there when I arrived slightly passed 7.

Bleu Bear Market is located in the Allison Shopping Center, just off Route 70 on Maple Avenue. Originally built as a Wawa, it was most recently home to Lucky 7 Deli, which closed in May 2019.