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Gloucester Premium Outlets First Stores

Just doing some mindless web searching, filling up time while dealing with the “great” weather… and I found evidence of the first 3 stores for the Gloucester Premium Outlets.

The first store I actually saw referenced several weeks ago on a construction bid site, and that is for a Nike Factory Outlet.   While that page is gone, I did find that the store is already approved and listed as a “Green” building by the US Green Building Council.  It also list the first address for an Outlet mall store: 100 Premium Outlet Drive

Next up is The Limited, which has set up a shell of a page on their site, and has also an initial job posting up for the Store Manager, who they probably want in early to guide the start-up of the store.

The last one that I’ve found is for Columbia Sportswear, who is also looking for a Store Manager to run the new Gloucester Outlet location.

The Simon Property company is also starting the hiring engine, looking for a Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Gloucester Premium Outlets.

Looks like a nice weekend coming up… well, Sunny and dry at least.  I’ll head over to the property and grab some updated pics with the DSLR zoom.

Also working on a couple other interesting and possibly big stories which I will be posting soon.



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  1. I’m a construction cost estimator. Today plans came through to bid on a “Perfumania” store. I’ve also seen the plans for the Nike store.

    1. Awesome! thanks for the heads up. So I’ve also seen a job postings for francesca’s and Cole Hann.
      That’s 6 stores I am aware of. reported that the place is 90% leased.
      I am going to wait a few days to see if other stores become known and publish (ongoing) updates.

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