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In tonight’s Gloucester Township Planning Board, the Commerce Plaza II shopping center owners appeared asking to split the tax lots for the property, making the larger multi-unit building in the back (with parking lot) its own tax lot.  The reason for this is Giant Fitness is interested in developing a new gym in that larger building, and it is their preference to own the property!

So to clarify which shopping center this is… directly behind the Cherrywood Liquors sits a larger multi-unit building, and that is the building that Giant Fitness is interested in.  This meeting was not about the Giant project specifically… so it wasn’t clarified how much of the building the new Giant Fitness would occupy, or if it has any impact on the other Giant Fitness located on the Black Horse Pike in Gloucester Township.

This is one of the a few larger shopping centers in the Blackwood-Clementon commercial district that definitely needs a boost from a larger draw like a gym.  The other Commerce Plaza recently added a Royal Farms convenience store.  Still no word on any plans for the closed K-mart

LIDL Supermarket

Back in September 2017 we reported that a LIDL Supermarket was being proposed for the adjacent building on the TD Bank side (1259)_  I was listening in to the Planning Board meeting and damn.. I forgot to ask about LIDL at the time… and it would’ve been a great question.

But the word “LIDL” was never mentioned or hinted at.   I think its safe to assume the LIDL Supermarket is not coming.

As we learn more about the Giant Fitness plans for the location, we’ll share with the readers.



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  1. Any idea where the beauty school would be moving to? Or is that already gone? (I haven’t been past there in a long time.)

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