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42Freeway Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries Opening For Outside Dining LIST IN ARTICLE!

42Freeway Restaurants, Breweries, Wineries Opening For Outside Dining LIST IN ARTICLE!
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On Monday June 15th, New Jersey food and drink establishments are allowed to offer outside dining for their customers!  Not all restaurants, breweries or wineries are supporting outside dining, and some are starting up delayed… so I started putting together a list of who is supporting outside dining, and a link to an associated Facebook post.  I plan on updating this list as more information comes in.  The list is focused on larger traditional sit-down restaurants.

We chatted with a manager at Glassboro’s Chickie and Pete’s on Saturday as they were setting up for outdoor dining.   They plan on having 22 tables available!  We were told that they got a special permit to extend the table area further out, as long as they kept 4 feet of walking space on the sidewalk.   These are similar rules applied in the Wildwood beach towns.   At this time, 42Freeway does not know if large  restaurant towns like Deptford, Gloucester Township and Washington Township made similar adjustments to support their restaurants.

I pulled this list together from a question post at the 42Freeway website, and then I put a lot of time into finding others, using Google maps to help remind me, and my own posts.  I went to every establishments Facebook page looking for a post that verifies the opening date, and offer it here in my list.

Each establishment has their own rules regarding times, reservations, etc.  PLEASE CHECK WITH THEM REGARDING THEIR OPERATING PLAN.  I offer a Facebook link to make it easy for everyone to find their plans.

This list is not complete… and if a restaurant, bar or winery has plans to be open for outside seating this week, then please comment here at the site or on the Facebook post.   Your establishment MUST have a post on Facebook clearly stating the day you will be opening.   I’ve had some loyal fans comment “XYZ is opening Monday” and then I go to the Facebook page and nothing is mentioned… so I need something official!

I believe the rule for bathrooms is, yes you can use the inside bathrooms but you must wear a mask inside.
There are over 50 place list.  There are multiple pages to the list.
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