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Wawa is planning another Gloucester Township location, this time in Erial, as they will appear before the Zoning board regarding their desire to develop a store at the corner of Erial-Clementon Road and Erial-New Brooklyn Road.  The corner site is currently a closed bank building, which according according to Patch was a opened in 2012 as a Royal Bank of America branch, which subsequently closed.   The new Super Wawa (with gas) will also take over the properties of 3 homes  directly behind the bank building.

To better describe the location, directly across from the Bank’s front entrance is the Gloucester Township District 6 Fire Department Building, and also on that intersection is a Rite-Aid store, and a Pantry 1 Foodmart which was originally developed as a “classic” Wawa store.

The public hearing before the Zoning Board takes place Wednesday July 8, 2020 at 7:00 pm at the township municipal building.


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    There are already far too many Wawas, you can’t drive 1/4 mile down any road without passing seven of them.


    1. Not only that 3 ppl or families have to give up their homes and puts a strain on the pantry across the street and maybe even rite aid for some things.

  2. We really do not need another Wawa store in this area!! This section of ERIAL Road already presents a heavy traffic pattern and there are already 4 different Wawa stores in each direction- Pine Hill- Cross Keys- ERIAL Road and Sicklerville Road- enough is enough- !

  3. This will but a wawa less then a mile from my home and you know, I don’t care. A coffee and sandwich store is not what is needed. A store that serves the community is more appropriate.
    Wawa offers no shopping supplies at all. They server the drive-buy bushiness only. Sure gas will be close but that’s it. They should return the 1 isle that favored groceries, not candy and potato chips.

  4. Why are you selectively moderating posts that are harmless? Just because someone wants to know how you get such up-to-date aerial imagery? Boo-urns would be ashamed. I suppose if I don’t wind up seeing this posted it I’ll know it speaks more about you then me.

      1. I guess I’d just be happy with just an admission that, you consider whatever this online imagery source is, to be apart of your secret success with this site or something and you cant reveal it. If that is the case I mean…or an explanation of what the reason is behind dogging revealing the source.
        -Yours Truly,
        Your Secret Site Admirer

        P.S. I’m sure this goes without saying but the email address’ are obviously fake so if you have actually responded to my image source question privately and they didn’t bounce back then they have successfully arrived at the Dead Letter Office and I am unaware of your answer lol.

  5. No more Wawa …This section of ERIAL Road already presents a heavy traffic pattern and there are already 4 different Wawa stores

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