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Well this is something completely different… Rage Rooms!   Entering the arena of “wow we have to try this”, Glassboro’s popular Primitive Axe has opened our area’s first Rage Room called Primitive Rage, and the idea is you get to SMASH THINGS!

In the back of the Glassboro location is a separate room where owner Adam and staff have setup Primitive Rage.  The core Rage Room is off to the right in an enclosed area about the size of two of their axe throwing lanes.  The door closes behind you but there is a window into the room to let others in your group watch the action.

And the action… well they provide you a selection of “instruments of destruction” from hammers, to crowbars, to sledge hammers… and they of course supply the things to smash!  They have a growing collection of items to destroy to get out your rage!  Furniture, signage, a safe?!

Safety First

Adam and the team are putting safety first and have covered all the bases… and faces.  To enter the Rage Room you will need to wear a protective thin jumpsuit, a chest protector and a helmet with clear shield.

So let’s be clear… this is the real deal. You are handed heavy, damaging items which with a lot of speed and force you are smashing into objects.  Debris is flying in the room.  Hammers are being swung.  And no one wants to see anyone get hurt.   Safety first.

They Clean Up the Mess

And when it’s all done, the staff of Primitive Axe/Rage clean it all up.

And don’t forget about their axe throwing lanes, which are very popular!


For pricing and details, contact the staff at Primitive Axe Glassboro!

Primitive Rage at Primitive Axe
618 Delsea Dr
Glassboro, New Jersey 08028


Main Primitive Axe Facebook

Glassboro Facebook



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  1. CRTs to whack at??? I really hope they have some Solid Indemnity Insurance if they let someone smash a big screen CRT! That white Tyvek coverall is not going to offer the protection required.

    1. Fully agree, Nikon. CRTs are vacuumed sealed, so when broken, they truly imploded shooting thick chunks of glass. They also contain lead and mercury…
      I’m sure plenty of people will love the experience, but hope the business is conscious of what they are putting in there.

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