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New Wawa Proposed for Busy Voorhees Intersection

New Wawa Proposed for Busy Voorhees Intersection

Google Maps photo - Current Wawa

Out with the old, in with the new.  At the next meeting of the Voorhees Township Zoning Board, a new Wawa with fueling station will be considered.  The plan calls for demolishing the existing smaller Wawa at the corner of White Horse Road and Burnt Mill Road and replace it with the newer model we’ve become accustomed too, with fuel station, free air and much larger store.

Bing Maps overhead

The proposal calls for building the new Wawa on the two lots owned by Wawa.  Block 178 Lot 2 is the location of the current Wawa.  Lot 11 is listed as ‘Vacant Lot’ and also owned by Wawa and is currently vacant, with nothing but trees.  Looking at it from the overhead, Wawa owns the entire block bordered by Burnt Mill Road, White Horse Road, 2nd Street and Chestnut Avenue.

The published notice does not indicate the orientation of the Wawa, but I would assume it would face White Horse Road, with an entrances/exists on both White Horse Road and Burnt Mill Road.

The matter is before the Zoning Board because a fueling station in this area is a ‘Condition Use’, and Wawa needs variances to build it there.  They are also requesting additional variances for setbacks and permitted signs.

The hearing will be held on Thursday, February 13th at 7:30 pm for those wishing to attend.  If it is passed, the next step would presumably be a hearing before the Voorhees Planning Board.

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