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Yuzu Ramen & Sushi Opening Soon in Erial Gloucester Township

Yuzu Ramen & Sushi Opening Soon in Erial Gloucester Township
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Yuzu Ramen & Sushi expects to open in a few weeks in the Erial section of Gloucester Township, within the Garwood Plaza which is on New Brooklyn – Erial Road, across from the Little Mill Road intersection.

I stopped in today and briefly caught up with the owner of Yuzu who tells me that while they’re mostly ready to go… it’ll still be a few short weeks before they’re opening. That opening date has not been locked in yet.

My quick conversation with the owner was right at the front entrance door, so I didn’t get a chance to “sneak a peek” inside but it does look like décor is going in, and some seating can be seen at the front windows.

Yuzu Ramen & Sushi will be opening in a few weeks, at the Garwood Plaza in the Erial section of Gloucester Township

I considered waiting a little bit to post until I knew the opening date, but the restaurant has a really interesting eye-catching lettered signage up out front already, which glows on the front of the building!  It’ seems to be catching the attention of many 42Freeway readers passing by, as I’ve gotten several messages the last few weeks.

But you know me… of course when they are ready to open I’ll be there to cover the full experience!

The shopping center where Yuzu is located is a small strip of stores just a few hundred feet from the main Erial intersection where the new Wawa recently opened.  Also at the intersection is a Rite Aid and the Erial Firehall.

A new Wawa is at the key Erial NJ intersection, and the Garwood Plaza where Yuzu is opening is just a few hundred feet away down New Brooklyn – Erial Road.

More specifically, if you’re familiar with the Pantry One Food Mart at the intersection, the Garwood Plaza shopping center (with Yuzu) is immediately next to that convenience store.   Within the Garwood Plaza is also Gallery Pizza and Erial Garden Chinese.

Yuzu Ramen & Sushi – Menu

While a social media presence has not been created yet for Yuzu, they do have a website online which shows photos of their delicious ramen bowls as well as the full menu.

They describe their food as organic and naturally grown, cooked in Japanese traditional recipe styles.

The name Yuzu comes from an Asian fruit that is both fragrant and sour. While it originates from China or Korea, the fruit is most often associated with the foods of Japan… some call it a Japanese citron.  Yuzu is listed on a few of the menu items.

The menu offers three main categories of options: Signature Rolls, Classic Rolls and Yuzu Ramen. Additionally they offer starter appetizers, salad, rice dishes and extra side items that can be added to entrees.

While the menu may not be 100% locked in yet… as it stands now it does offer a large selection items with dozes of sushi choices, and other entree items such as the signature ramen.

For the ramen soup they offer the classic bowls featuring protein choices of pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetables and more.  Pricing is $14-15 dollars.

All of the ramen looks delicious and very flavorful, but a unique option jumped out of me is the Inferno Ramen which is a mixed broth of chicken and pork, and is the most spicy ramen they offer at Yuzu.

The classic roles range in price from 5 to 7 dollars..  Of which there are 27 options to choose from!  The classic Philadelphia Roll is only $6, and a Spicy Crunchy Runa roll is $7.

The signature rolls are priced higher and offer additional premium options such as the Monster Roll; shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado and topped with a tempura crab stick!

The website shows Yuzu will be closed on Mondays and then open for lunch and dinner into the evenings the rest of the week.

And online order options are coming soon!

As mentioned you know me… I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to try something new and share with readers, so I’ll be back to visit Yuzu Ramen & Sushi when they open.

Links and Locations

Yuzu Ramen & Sushi – Opening Soon
2899 New Brooklyn Erial Road
Gloucester Township, NJ 08081