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Wingstop on Cross Keys Road (Sicklerville) is Open!

Wingstop on Cross Keys Road (Sicklerville) is Open!
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A new Wingstop chicken wing eatery opened a few days ago on Cross Keys Road in the Sicklerville section of Gloucester Township.  They are located next to Nick’s Pizza, which is near the Sicklerville Road intersection.

42Freeway first brought news of the new Wingstop to readers back in July of last year, when construction had just started on the interior fit out for the unit.  Now almost seven months later they are open… Just in time for this weekend’s Super Bowl wing orders!

Wingstop has opened a new location on Cross Keys Road, in Sicklerville area of Gloucester Twp.

I stopped in yesterday at the new Wingstop, and honestly word is quickly getting out already as they seemed very busy… and it was mid afternoon when I visited, not lunch or dinner!  During my late lunch there were several customers in the store, as well several people popping in to pick up takeout/delivery orders.

Honestly Wingstop seems to have a big fanbase with area diners as the few times I’ve visited them in Deptford and Blackwood (opened in December 2022) they always have a good number of customers in the store.

Wingstop is now open on Cross Keys Road in Sicklerville, directly next to Nick’s Pizzeria

Wingstop offers a consistently delicious meal at a reasonable price point (in comparison to other quick serve restaurants)… which seems to keep people coming back again and again.

It must be a common trend across the entire chain because a quick look at their stock price shows they have literally doubled in price from a year ago, rising from $158 to $297 today!

In keeping with the “do a few things, and do them well” model, the three or four locations that I’ve stopped at over the years are literally exact duplicates of each other!  So if you’ve been to other Wingstop locations in the area, you’ll likely know exactly what the new Cross Keys Road location is all about.

My lunch yesterday at the new Wingstop in Sicklerville… chicken sandwich with Hickory Smoke BBQ sauce!

Wingstop Cross Keys Rd.(Sicklerville)

Today, Wingstop has over 1.900 locations based on a menu which features wings, tenders, sandwiches, fries and desserts… but it all started 30 years ago with one small restaurant only serving chicken wings!

Today, the restaurants are not overly large but there is space to have tables for dine-in customers. That being said it does feel like a large portion of their business is geared towards takeout and delivery.

There are several dine-in tables at the new Wingstop on Cross Keys Road, but the take-out window may be the more popular option!

The stores are typically narrow and deep, and when you enter the Cross Keys Road location you’ll see a small front customer order area with the counter and kitchen on the right side, and then several tables going down the left side. 

Orders can be placed online or in the store,  and as mentioned delivery services are a big part of the business model

The Wing Experts… at Wing Stop!

Wingstop Dining Experience

Wingstop’s signature item are their fresh and delicious chicken wings (bone-in or boneless), served with your choice of sauces or rubs and dip (blue cheese/ranch).

They also offer chicken sandwiches and tenders.

Combos are a great option to include fries and a drink. Wingstop also has large Group Packs for your next party or an upcoming NFL Superbowl party!

Wingstop – Wings in Ranch! (Image: Wingstop)

Their seasoned French Fries are also a big seller and are hand-cut for maximum freshness. Variations include Louisiana Voodoo Fries, Buffalo Ranch, or Cheese fries.

Wingstop even has a Cajun Fried Corn! Yes… corn on the cob with Wingstop seasonings.

A big feature of their wings are the Wingstop sauces. They feature 12 different sauces (plus plain) and varying degrees of heat. Some of the flavors are wet based sauce and others are dry… like a dry rub.

To navigate the sauce options, online they have the “Heat Scale” where you can slide the meter to a level of “how hot” and it tells you which flavors are a match.

One last interesting twist at Wingstop is they do not have trash cans in the dining area!

As told to me by a Wingstop manager at another location, since the first Wingstop was founded in a very hot part of Texas, they found having the trashcans in the dining area on really hot days just didn’t make for the best dining experience. So they kept the trash in the back, and cleaned up the tables for the customers.

And today they still carrying on that tradition… yes you leave your trash at the table, where the staff will quickly collect (or you can bring up to the register).

Wingstop Sicklerville (Cross Keys)
583 Berlin Cross Keys Rd
Sicklerville, NJ 08081

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