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Wingstop is OPEN on Blackwood-Clementon Rd Gloucester Twp

Wingstop is OPEN on Blackwood-Clementon Rd Gloucester Twp
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A new Wingstop chicken wing restaurant opened recently on Blackwood-Clementon Rd in Gloucester Twp. The new building is also home to a new Chipotle and will soon have a Smoothie-King.

What started as a small chicken wing restaurant almost 30 years ago now serves tenders, chicken sandwiches, fries and desserts. From one location in 1994 to over 1,500 locations today… they must be doing something right!

I stopped in at the new Blackwood-Clementon Wingstop last week and again today… it’s clear they are already proving to be a very popular place.

Both of my visits to the new location were during the week in the daytime, and no exaggeration there was just a steady stream of customers each time. A large Facebook Town Group thread confirms my experience!

A new Wingstop chicken wing restaurant is open on Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township.

42Freeway first broke the news to readers of the new Wingstop back in April 2022, when the Chipotle opened.

They are hiring for all positions at this location and the official website listings right now even has a listing for the General Manager role!

Scroll down and read about the new Wingstop but if you visit be prepared for them to be a little bit busy right now. Or stop in at their Deptford Location!

Oh and if you are on TikTok you can check out my short video here (TikTok). Not saying it’s interesting at all.. still trying to figure out what to do with TikTok!

Everyone stops for Wingstop!

The new Wingstop is located at the corner of Blackwood-Clementon Road across from Royal Farms. Across the side street is a newer Republic Bank building.

This new building replaced an decades old Denny’s building. Wingstop sits on the right corner.

Wingstop’s restaurants are not overly large but they are designed smart so there is seating available.

And they seem to do a big business in take-out and delivery, as they have a dedicated pick-up line area. There is no drive-thru.

Located in a new building which is home to a new Chipotle and soon a Smoothie King also, Wingstop is now open on the Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township.

The counter and kitchen are to the right and the seating goes down the left site and the restrooms are in the back.

You can also order online, via their phone app.. or a variety of delivery services.

Be Our Guest : Don’t Bother With The Trash!

One interesting twist is they do not have trash cans for the customers!

One popular story online is that they consider you a guest, and guests should not have to clean up.

Wingstops are not large restaurants but they still have room for seating. Blackwood-Clementon Road location.

Another story told to me by a Wingstop manager is, since the first Wingstop was founded in very hot Texas, they found having the trashcans in the dining area on really hot days just didn’t make for the best dining experience.

So to carrying on that tradition, they still want you to leave your trash at the table where the staff will quickly collect (or you can bring up to the register).

The Menu!

The menu at WingStop isn’t over complex but still offers a variety of options. You can order individual pieces but they lean towards the full combos (as does every fast food restaurant)

Combos include traditional wings (bone or boneless) in combo sizes based on the number of pieces.

The WIngstop chicken wing. Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township.

The also have large Group Packs for your next party or the upcoming NFL Superbowl party!

Their French Fries are also a big seller and are hand-cut seasoned fries. Of course fries are part of the combos but they do a big business on their own and include a “loaded fries” option including a couple others.

Hand-cut and seasoned fries at Wingstop on Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township.

They even offer a “Cajun Fried Corn” which I just now noticed on the menu but have to go back and try!

And we can’t forget they have a Chicken sandwich plus chicken tender options also.

Wingstop Sauces and the Wing Calculator

A big feature of their wings are the Wingstop sauces.

They feature 12 different sauces (plus plain) and varying degrees of heat.

Some of the flavors are wet based sauce and others are dry… like a dry rub.

To navigate the sauce options, online they have the “Wing Calculator” where by entering a few fiter criteria you can find your perfect sauce to try!

The Wing Calculator is a fun way to find your perfect wing sauce. Choose your heat scale and if you want Wet or Dry and let the calculator give you the answer! (Image : Wingstop Website)

Right now they are featuring a limited time only “Carolina Gold BBQ” which is rated as having no heat. Or if you are really adventurous you can go for “Atomic”… it’s the hottest one they got!

Let us know at the 42Freeway Facebook post if you’ve tried the Atomic and what it’s like!

Links and Location

Wingstop Blackwood Clementon
1410 Blackwood Clementon Rd
Clementon NJ

Open 11am – Midnight ; Seven days a week!


Open 7 days a week and 11am til Midnight, Winstop is ready to serve your late night cravings!