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What’s The Scoop Homemade Ice Cream Coming Late Fall To Washington Township. Washington Square Town Center

What’s The Scoop Homemade Ice Cream Coming Late Fall To Washington Township.  Washington Square Town Center
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Washington Township, NJ resident Stacy Valerio is opening up What’s The Scoop Ice Cream Shop on Hurffville-Cross Keys Rd in the Washington Square Town Center complex! Stacy tells 42Freeway that all of the hard ice cream and water ice will be made fresh right there in the store!

This same retail center will be adding Santucci’s Pizza and Bison Coffee this fall! There is a new Lavish Nails Store in the building (Photo at bottom of post) and What’s the Scoop will be located next to Lavish Nails in a prime corner location, right as you enter the development.

Scroll down for more information on the location, if you are unsure.

What’s the Scoop Ice Cream

We’ve already summarized the key points of the new ice cream shop, but what better way to explain what they are all about.. then to hear it directly from the owner, Stacy!

What’s The Scoop Ice Cream is Under Construction in Washington Township New Jersey

Excitement and Expected Opening

HUGE THANK YOU for reaching out to me regarding my Ice cream shop opening up. I am so super excited and stoked for this new adventure! So we are currently in the construction phase of the buildout. I am anticipating everything being completed and opening some time in November.

Stacy of What’s The Scoop Ice Cream : Washington Township

Who Doesn’t Love Ice Cream?

What’s even more exciting is that I can’t wait to have all homemade ice cream, water ice, novelties and goodies! Like I always say, “who doesn’t love ice cream?” So with that I have always had a passion for bringing smiles to peoples faces.

Stacy of What’s The Scoop Ice Cream : Washington Township


I followed up with a few questions… Stacy when you say “homemade”. Are you making right in the store? And exactly which store property are you?

As for the homemade, yes, all made on premise. The hard ice cream and the water ice will be made fresh right there in the store. I am the corner property just next to the Lavish Nails. Hope you are having a great week thus far

Stacy of What’s The Scoop Ice Cream : Washington Township

A press release from the building owner Atkins Companies adds this quote from Stacy

What’s The Scoop will boast a diverse menu of completely homemade treats, featuring ice cream, water ice and novelties for the community to enjoy year-round. With a flair for the unconventional, What’s The Scoop will also offer seasonal items and unique, limited edition desserts with a continuously changing menu of specials

Owner Stacy quoted in Atkins Company Press Release earlier this year

We are really excited for What’s the Scoop coming to our area… homemade ice cream of course means its the freshest product possible, but I look forward to some creative flavors to come!

And real homemade Italian Water Ice? What? Sign me up!

And Wow! Washington Township, you truly are an enterprising group of people because we’ve had a couple posts this year from local residents not only wanting to start their own retail businesses, but loving the town they live in so much (and what it offers), they’ve chosen to open right in Washington Township! Polizzi’s Pizza, Excalibur VR,

Links and Location

The location for What’s The Scoop is in the new large housing and retail development which was developed over the last few years next to the Virtua Building. The mixed use complex features townhomes, apartments, medical offices (including a large Rothman office), an assisted living facility… and of course retail.

The front two retail segments of the Washington Square Town center complex currently feature a variety of service oriented stores such as Pet Check, Wills Eye, Strive Physical Therapy… but this fall three delicious new stores are coming with Bison Coffee, Santucci’s Pizza, and What’s the Scoop.

What’s The Scoop has a prime location at the first corner of the two retail buildings. Every car driving into the larger complex will see the ice cream shop!

These three new eatery stores are really great additions to the Woodmont/Washington Square Town Center development. I personally feel that all three eateries (What’s The Scoop, Santucci’s Pizza, and Bison Coffee) will all become local destination places for all of us in the 42Freeway area and beyond!

Updates on Bison Coffee and Santucci’s Pizza to come shortly.

What’s The Scoop Ice Cream
250 Hurffville-Cross Keys Rd
Washington Township New Jersey

Online presence under development

Lavish Spa & Nails has opened in the same building. What’s the Scoop is the location to the right

Side Window View of What’s The Scoop Ice Cream Shop, Washington Township