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Milkweed table + market in Pitman is Open, and Beautifully Delicious

Milkweed table + market in Pitman is Open, and Beautifully Delicious
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“Milkweed table + market” breakfast and brunch cafe has opened in Pitman, and the sister-in-law owners Alexandra and Elena Convery have made this spot a beautiful and must-visit place in our area.

While it’s not a large restaurant, with outdoor dining they’ve managed to extend the seating space with a variety of outdoor dining options, and offer a variety of completely unique dining areas.

And of course the food is just as amazing!

Milkweed is located at 134 S Broadway in the heart of the Pitman shopping district. They are located next to the Broadway Bakery, one store from Mannino’s Cucina and very close to both Human Village and Kelly Green Breweries. Merryman’s Pub is just a few stores away!

We hadn’t even posted on their opening yet and I am hearing that word-of-mouth is strong on this new cafe. It’s already becoming hugely popular new spot to check out… again and again!

Factor in how tough staffing is for all right now.. well, be sure to have patience when you visit Milkweed!

Milkweed table + market is a brunch restaurant, with hours from 8am to 3pm.

They are also hiring for all positions! Check their website!

We previously wrote about Milkweed table + market in October 2020.

Did 42Freeway Really Say Beautiful?

Well it’s not something I get to say too often considering all the Dollar General and Mattress Firm store openings I cover!

I had been message chatting with part-owner Alexandra, so she knew I would be stopping in last weekend, but when I got there last Sunday right after the 8am opening, she was still on her way in. Her staff called her to verify if I could take photos.

And as I waited a few minutes I quickly looked around the interior seating areas, turned to one of the other employees, and what immediately came to mind to say was…

Wow, this is really beautiful

The design.. the colors… the textures.

I don’t know if there are plans for private parties after the brunch servings end, but I think every woman in South Jersey would want their Bridal or Baby showers held at Milkweed. It’s that nice, elegant and inviting.

And as I walked through the building to the back and upstairs, it was just one surprise after another.

And the location on an interesting, exciting and revitalized Pitman Uptown shopping district.. a perfect match.

Milkweed table +market Pitman, Indoor Seating

I guarantee that many guests will see this bathroom, and want the same styling at home! Milkweed Pitman

Inside and Outside

The building itself is very stylish… I don’t recall what it looked like before, but the white-washed red brick, signage and sidewalk tables gets the experience started even before you enter the cafe.

Am I still in Gloucester County?

I mention 4 or 5 seating areas.. so it’s a good time to clarify that, and let you know about all the cool and interesting seating options they offer!

The building itself is not overly large. It appears to have originally been a 2 story cottage home that many years ago someone squared off the front with an addition, to make it a store front fitting in nicely with the Pitman retail district.

So that indoor seating area and front reception… did I mention the place is beautiful?

… anyway the indoor seating capacity is probably about 35-40 people. Well unless the Convery’s have another indoor seating room tucked away somewhere! it wouldn’t surprise me!

On the first floor they have the front reception area, the kitchen, and bathrooms. And yes, I took a pic of a bathroom. Would you believe they are… well, anyway!

So then the indoor seating area is an L shaped seating area… maybe 20 seats along the front and then as it goes to the back, room for another 20 or so.

Milkweed Pitman: Half of the backyard garden seating area

Outdoor Seating

There are three different OUTSIDE eating areas, and my rough estimate is those areas add another 60 seats to the restaurant.

A cozy little outdoor living room.

The front sidewalk cafe area had seven tables set-up. With the awesome Broadway Ave and park right there.. well there just aren’t many seating areas like this in Gloucester County

The backyard outdoor seating area had another seven or so tables set-up. This is more like a garden setup.

On the second floor in the back is a cozy outdoor living room setup.

And the most surprising “Damn I didn’t expect that, how did I not notice that” area is up on the 2nd floor of the building, where a private rooftop dining area is offered… right at the front of the building which over looks the downtown area!. The views from up there are very nice, being able to see to the street and small park across the road!

So simply, with the awesome weather we are having right now there are many more seating options available when factoring in the outdoor options… and colder weather comes I believe they will be more limited to inside seating only.

A surprising and private outdoor seating area on the second floor, with views of Pitman Downtown and park! Milkweed table + market


So I didn’t have time to stay for brunch, but I can see some amazing dishes being shared on their Facebook page.

And they offer their menu online

Here are some examples from their current brunch menu…

Southern Biscuits: Three Buttermilk Biscuits made from scratch, paired with pumpkin butter

Homemade Pierogies: Two homemade pierogies filled with a real summer fruit gem; sweet local jersey fresh blueberries or with sauted onions and sour cream.

Harvest Frittata: Seasonal Vegetable and Egg fritatta with cheddar cheese

Eggs Your Way:

Sweet Potato Pancakes: Sweet Potato Pancakes with a hint of Cinnamon and Maple, Toasted Walnuts and a Honey drizzle

Chicken and Waffles: Cajun Fried Chicken with a kick, buttermilk waffles and spicy warm maple syrup

Apple Pistachio Pancakes: Stacked pancakes topped with warm brawn sugar toasted apples, chopped pistachios, and whipped cinnamon mascarpone

French Toast and Berries:

Rotisserie Chicken Salad or Farmhouse Salads

Links and Location

Milkweed table + market
134 S. Broadway
Pitman, NJ

Open every day 8am to 3pm

Facebook. Go Like!


Happy customers enjoying a delicious meal at Pitman’s Milkweed Brunch Cafe
(Taken and presented with permission!)