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Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn is Demolished  (Drone)

Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn is Demolished  (Drone)
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In business for over 70 years and an iconic area family destination for generations, the Weber’s Drive-In on Route 130 in Brooklawn New Jersey is no more… fully demolished this past week.

The property is being cleared to make way for two new cannabis cultivation businesses. South Jersey Observer has that story

Locally there are still two operating Weber’s locations; Stratford and Pennsauken. Both were open last year and I expect that they will reopen this season. Also, a Stewart’s location in Vineland will be celebrating their 50th season this year… more on that tomorrow!

Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn : Summer of 2010!

For Brooklawn, the signature orange painted Weber’s building hearkened back to the 1950s, and offered a time-traveling experience!

At a Weber’s Drive-in, customer cars would pull up around the perimeter of the building and park under a covered roof where wait staff would come up to your window to take your order.  Minutes later your food would brought to you at your car on a special tray that would hang on your car window!

Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn : Wednesday Feb 28, 2023

Those even older than me may remember when the Brooklawn Weber’s had a trampoline park! My memories go back to riding Weber’s Wave Skateboard park (which also had an awesome arcade).

Two miniature golf courses were also part of the offerings in Brooklawn, with the one course closest to Old Salem Road being there from the early 70s at least!

I was trying to pinpoint a year that this Brooklawn location opened and the earliest date I could find was a help wanted advertisement in the 1953 Courier- Post.  71 years ago at least!

Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn : Wednesday Feb 28, 2023

Sadly for the last few years Brooklawn Weber’s Drive-In had not operated and was for sale.

Popular area community news website South Jersey Observer has kept a close eye on the property, and in July of last year wrote about the approved plans for the property.

Two cannabis cultivation buildings will be developed on the property.  There will be no direct retail sales of cannabis at this location, but just a few hundred feet away is the Indigo Dispensary which opened in October. (Facebook)

For the new cannabis based business at the Weber’s property, South Jersey Observer has an excellent description of the business model as well as a 3D perspective rendering of the buildings… so it’s best to check out SJO!

Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn : Friday March 1, 2023

Weber’s Drive-In Demolition

Heavy equipment arrived on site this past week and made quick work of the buildings taking everything down in a matter of days.

I stopped over twice with my drone to capture two different stages of the demolition.

Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn : Friday March 1, 2023

Contractors first demolished the rear two-story building which was originally developed to support the webers wave skateboard park in the late 1970s, and a mini golf expansion.

Later this past week the iconic drive-in restaurant was taken down. When I visited the second time (Friday) only one strip of the overhead awning was still standing.

As mentioned there are still several options available for that 1950s drive-in experience… and I will be featuring a location tomorrow!

Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn : Friday March 1, 2023

Links and Location

Weber’s Drive-In Brooklawn – Closed and Demo’d
310 Crescent Blvd # 1
Brooklawn, NJ 08030