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Somerdale Storage Facility on Evesham Road Construction Begins

Somerdale Storage Facility on Evesham Road Construction Begins
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A four-story, 112,000 square foot indoor storage facility has started construction at the corner of Evesham Road and Coopertowne Blvd. This is the entrance to the large Cooper Town Center retail complex (entrance closest to Esporta Fitness)T

The new storage facility building property is directly at the traffic light intersection of the two roads. Some may know the location as being directly across from the famous (and now gone) Lawnside barbecue and club area.

On the Somerdale side, the 1.85 acre triangular lot for the new storage facility has construction crews on site now, leveling the property in preparation of the full foundation and then building being developed.

A 4-story storage facility is being developed at this corner lot in Somerdale.

Somerdale Storage : Overhang Roof for Parking / Loading

The architects and developer of the project have come up with an innovative way to fully maximize lot size to enable the development of a facility totaling over 100,000 square feet.

With the building filling a large portion of the property, and then still needing room for parking and loading areas…   the first floor will be notched out at the rear of the building to create a covered space from the overhang of the floors above it (two through four).

Within that overhang space will be:

  • a wide driveway which travels from Evesham Ave. over to Coopertown Blvd.
  • 18 parking spaces
  • Four loading/unloading spaces, close to the building.

While the upper three floors are 31,684 sq ft for each floor, the first floor with it’s “notched out” segment in the back (to support customer cars) is almost half the size in square footage at 17,335.

A 4-story storage facility is being developed at this corner lot in Somerdale. The outer green line is the full building exterior. The red highlight is the first floor “notch out” to accommodate parking and loading. Overlay placement for reference and not exact. Map Image is Google.

While there are other indoor only storage facilities in the area, this may be one of the few (only one?) where the entire parking area and loading/unloading space are completely covered.

To accommodate stormwater management, the proposed site plan shows that along Evesham Road a water basin will be created following along the front of the building (likely a retention wall development).

So as mentioned there will be an traffic entrance on both Evesham Road and the side street Coopertown Boulevard….  It will literally be one straight path (on an angle) connecting the two roads. And as mentioned, most of that will will be through the building.

According to the documents submitted to the county for their approval back in 2021, both exits will have full turning access.

A 4-story storage facility is being developed in Somerdale on Evesham Road. Image at top is 2021. Image below is today.

So a few things I don’t have at this time…  First, I do not know which brand of storage facility this is.

It appears that developers our building these storage facilities somewhat independently, and then in a “franchise style” agreement will make a deal with a storage facility brand, to gain the benefits of their recognized name, rental platforms, and other aspects of the business including storage supplies for on site sales.

From the CooperTowne Center parking area, the property in the photo center is being developed into a storage facility

The other thing I could not locate is a full 3D rendering of the four story building.

But trust me, I “googled” the heck out of this hoping to see that this facility is listing somewhere online as “coming soon” and I could not locate it.

Simply as a reference point, this is going to be a large and tall building on the property, although documents show a 25 foot buffer to the sidewalk on both roadways.

For the height, if you’ve seen the large new storage facility in Bellmawr which was developed on the former Pennant/Dick Lee’s property… that building is three stories, one less than the facility being developed in Somerdale.

Somerdale Evesham Road Storage Facility
Evesham Road and Coopertowne Boulevard
Somerdale NJ