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ShopRite Gibbstown Last Day April 13. Woolwich Opens May 25th.

ShopRite Gibbstown Last Day April 13. Woolwich Opens May 25th.
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The ShopRite Gibbstown store’s last day of operating was today (April 13th).  A new supermarket, Woolwich Center Square Plaza opens in May.

(Note: Woolwich Center Square is opening May 25th. It was originally stated to be May 24th. This article was updated to reflect that)

This afternoon the ShopRite Gibbstown Facebook page (FB) confirmed what recent visitors knew was coming soon, and setting the date as today.

This is a planned closing which is timed to closely coincide with the opening of a completely brand new ShopRite store about 8 miles away in Woolwich.

The new supermarket is called ShopRite Center Square Plaza and owner Zallie has set May 25th as the opening date.

May 24th is the opening date set for Woolwich’s new Zallie’s Shoprite Center Square Plaza location. A state-of-the-art supermarket experience, developed literally from the ground up!

And of course 42Freeway readers knew the general plan for all of this was coming, as I’ve had multiple articles on the Zallie Shoprite plan and construction progress.

The Facebook post thanked residents in Gibbstown, Greenwich, East Greenwich and Paulsboro for being loyal guests.

The post closed with another thank you…

Thank you, again, for letting our Zallie family be a part of your community for the last 19 years.

Zallie Family Markets

ShopRite Gibbstown Closes. What’s Next?

So I had a strong feeling today was going to be the last day and I stopped in this morning to check things out.

Commenters in town Facebook groups had been saying for most of the week that the store selection was getting very sparce, and that the closing was coming soon. It does appear that merchandise moved out faster than expected as early reports had stated a later closing date.

My visit this morning to the Gibbstown store was before this official announcement.

I saw that the store was 95% empty and it was clear to me that today would be the last day for the beloved neighborhood supermarket location,

The ShopRite in Gibbstown closes today. In my visit this morning the shelves were 95% empty and large sections of the store such as produce and fresh goods, were cordoned off. A new location in Woolwich opens in May.

In my visit today,  many large sections and aisles were taped-off including the produce section, and refrigerate units were full off limits.

Even the few aisles that still had product, the store employees had move the merchandise to the front of the rows.

What jumped out at me as being more available where a variety of Coca-Cola products.  It made think that a delivery had happened very recently!  I walked away with a case of Coke Zero for $11.

An empty refrigerator/freezer section in the ShopRite Gibbstown, which closed today. A new location in Woolwich opens in May.

The community is very curious to know what will become of the Gibbstown space.

Most times in these situations the space can remain empty for a long time as they look for a new tenant.

Luckily for Gibbstown a new national tenant has been signed on to take over half of the ShopRite space.

I have a pretty good idea who it is and rumors are moving throughout the town, but I am still looking to confirm with the new tenant that they are indeed coming… but they are being a little tight lipped.

To frustrate you even further with my teasers, they have a second location coming to the 42Freeway area also… so I’m really looking to confirm both new signings. I’m looking to get something online Friday.

The ShopRite in Gibbstown closes today. A new location is opening next month, 8 miles away in Woolwich. A new tenant is on board for half of this building.

ShopRite of Center Square (Woolwich)

A new 78,000 sq ft ShopRite is under construction in Woolwich Township, to be called “Shoprite of Center Square Plaza”

This is all new construction at Center Square Road and Auburn Rd, positioned behind the Franklin Bank.

As mentioned they have set an opening date of May 24th, 2023

A state-of-the-art supermarket experience is rising in Woolwich NJ. Developed literally from the ground up! May 24th is the opening date set for the new Zallie’s Shoprite Center Square Plaza location.

Supermarkets have evolved over the years to vastly improve the shopping experience, and the Center Square location will include all of the latest features!

  • A full kitchen to support a full range of prepared and catered foods.
  • A full sized dedicated Order, Pickup and Delivery area.
  • A CAFE with indoor and outdoor seating! Plus floral and gifts, a bakery and more!

This location of the new supermarket will be a centerpiece property in what is becoming a nice retail commercial district for Woolwich.

In the immediate area the Woolwich Center is a block to the West featuring the Center Square Tavern. To the East is the Swedesboro Diner and Swedes Plaza featuring Swedesboro Brewing. Also in the immediate area are other businesses and offices including the Woolwich Municipal building.

May 24th is the opening date set for Woolwich’s new Zallie’s Shoprite Center Square Plaza location. A state-of-the-art supermarket experience, developed literally from the ground up!

Zallie ShopRite – Glassboro and Cherrywood

Earlier in 2022 Zallie upgraded the West Berlin ShopRite, adding on a larger and separate liquor store. With the liquor store relocation it gave them some additional room in the produce area.

The Glassboro location on Delsea Drive has been undergoing a significant remodel, basically building a new and larger store while it was still operating.

They’ve made significant progress in the Glassboro ShopRite, and in my visit about a month ago they were focused on the area around the produce and fresh food sections. I’ll have to stop back there this weekend to check on things!

ShopRite Glassboro Remodel
ShopRite Glassboro Remodel

And then of course is the ShopRite location that I get asked about multiple times a week. The Blackwood-Clementon Rd store in Gloucester Township.

Zallie will be turning a large portion of the former Kmart property into a new ShopRite, replacing the one that is up the road known as Laurel Hill. The new location will be called “Cherrywood”

At this point there has been no on-site work for the new Blackwood-Clementon Cherrywood which has readers asking questions.

The last status I had is simply, with three projects already in play and two of them being very large, complex, and expensive… Zallie smartly chose to hold off on starting the 4th major project, until the other ones were completed.

I do not have an updated timeline at this point regarding when we should see activity at the Blackwood-Clementon Cherrywood location. Let’s hope it’s soon!

K-Mart Blackwood NJ to become ShopRite of Cherrywood
K-Mart Blackwood NJ to become ShopRite of Cherrywood

Zallie’s ShopRite Gibbstown (Closed April 13 2023)
401 Harmony Rd
Gibbstown, NJ 08027

Zallie’s ShopRite Center Square Plaza (OPENS May 24, 2023)
Center Square Road and Auburn Rd
Woolwich, NJ

Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen – Other locations

Store locations and address can be found at the Zallie’s Website.