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Gibbstown ShopRite Closing in March. New Woolwich Store Opening Several Weeks Later

Gibbstown ShopRite Closing in March. New Woolwich Store Opening Several Weeks Later
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The Gibbstown ShopRite supermarket will be closing sometime in March. This was previously planned, initially expected to coincide with the opening of a new store in Woolwich.

This information on the March closing initially came from Store managers, and was then further confirmed via additional sources.

I do not have an exact date for the last day of grocery sales in March. There have been some comments of March 31st but I wonder if the store will need to allocate time at the end of the month to remove store product and fixtures.

The Zallie’s ShopRite Supermarket in Gibbstown is scheduled to close in March 2023. They are promoting their new Woolwich store but that likely won’t open until May.

Zallie’s plan is to replace this supermarket with an all new state-of-the-art store which has been under construction in nearby Woolwich Township.  That store and development is called Center Square, and is located near the Woolwich municipal offices.

When the plans for the Woolwich store were initially announced last year it was stated that the new Woolwich supermarket would be open in March of 2023, which likely was targeted with their need to exit the Gibbstown center.

Unfortunately the new Woolwich Shoprite is now looking at a mid-May opening.

While this would indicate a several weeks gap in supermarket “coverage” for locals, all is not lost for Gibbstown area supermarket shoppers as there are other options nearby.

Interestingly, while ShopRite location owner Zallie has been promoting the upcoming Woolwich location as a replacement store for Gibbstown shoppers (including image renderings of the new store prominently featured on the front of the Gibbstown store), the Zallie’s West Deptford location is actually closer to Gibbstown, and of course remains open.

According to Google map directions it’s an 11 minute drive from the Gibbstown ShopRite to West Deptford, while the drive from Gibbstown to the new Woolwich location is 15 minutes.

The upcoming Woolwich NJ ShopRite store, as seen in on February 5th, 2023.

Also close by in Paulsboro is the Save-A-Lot supermarket which opened in 2017.

Area residents are hopeful about a new tenant for the vacated ShopRite store in Gibbstown, but those plans aren’t 100% worked out.

Honestly in most of these situations there just isn’t someone immediately ready to take over a vacated space.

But fortunately for Gibbstown it seems someone has signed on to take over the rght half of the former ShopRite supermarket space.

The Gibbstown shopping center marketing documents state that the ShopRite space will be split in two, and the rightmost end section is labeled as “Finalizing Lease – National Tenant”

As of today that deal is still not 100% finalized, and those involved with the leasing deals are not able to share exactly who the tenant will likely be.

Zallie’s Shoprite: Woolwich, Glassboro, Cherrywood (Blackwood)

Woolwich: This weekend I also stopped at the upcoming Woolwich ShopRite location to check on it’s status and to grab updated drone images.

The building appears to be closed in from the elements, with almost all of the front glass installed.

On the exterior it seems construction crews are working on the decorative outdoor façade aspects (brick and stucco). and HVAC equipment can be seen installed on the roof.

While I did not walk up to the building (I never actually stepped on the property), it appears the interior is still in the earlier stages of development based on details that can be seen through the windows.

As stated earlier in this updated article, they are targeting a May 2023 opening.

Two “pad” sites were also approved fronting Auburn Rd but I have unaware of any signings for those properties.

The upcoming Woolwich NJ ShopRite store, as seen in on February 5th, 2023.

Glassboro: The Glassboro location has been undergoing a full remodel and expansion, and it’s my understanding they are getting close to a Grand Reopening event.

I need to stop in there this week to see for myself the status of the store’s remodeling efforts.

ShopRite Glassboro Remodel
ShopRite Glassboro Remodel – While the store remained open they are planning a Grand Re-Opening soon.

Gloucester Township: Over in Gloucester Township a new supermarket project planned for Blackwood-Clementon Rd in the old K-mart is still going to happen.

42Freeway had the story first of the plans build a new Blackwood-Clementon Rd ShopRite almost a year ago to the day.

The new location will replace the older Laurel Hill store… basically moving the store about a mile away to an all new, larger property which will offer better supermarket amenities and parking.

Activity has not been taking place at the former K-Mart property, as Zallie has decided to complete the other construction projects before they focus on the new Blackwood store.

K-Mart Blackwood NJ to become ShopRite of Cherrywood
K-Mart Blackwood NJ to become ShopRite of Cherrywood

It’s not clear to me if the new Gloucester Township location would need Planning/Zoning Board review, but so far nothing has been presented.

There is still an expectation to see work start on the Cherrywood Blackwood location this year, but details are unknown.

Links and Location

Zallie’s ShopRite Gibbstown (Closing March 2023)
401 Harmony Rd
Gibbstown, NJ 08027

Zallie’s Fresh Kitchen – Other locations

Store locations and address can be found at the Zallie’s Website.