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Rte 70 Chicken Wars Update! New Cherry Hill Chick-Fil-A September? Raising Cane’s Cherry Hill and Marlton Showing Progress

Rte 70 Chicken Wars Update!  New Cherry Hill Chick-Fil-A September?  Raising Cane’s Cherry Hill and Marlton Showing Progress
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Triple chicken update in the Route 70 Chicken Wars!  The new Route 70 Cherry Hill Chick-Fil-A restaurant with drive-thru looks mostly complete, and a representative unofficially tells me they are hoping to be open sometime in September!

Raising Cane’s Chicken Finger restaurants are also under development on Route 70… in Cherry Hill and Marlton!  The Cherry Hill Route 70 location has the foundation and utility work in progress, and the Marlton location has a building frame fully standing!

Mark Made a Mistake?

Last week I visited a new Philadelphia Raising Cane’s location and wrote about it here: (Tons of photos)

I was surprised by the design which has a dining area inside a dining area! An exterior wrap-around patio which has exterior glass wall garage doors… they can open up the space or close it depending on the weather!

And I thought we weren’t getting that same design in South Jersey…

But then I got the drone up at the Marlton location and it had me realize.. oh wow, the front door is the same as Philly. The steel structure on the right matches up to Philadelphia’s garage door patio…

.. so it looks like Marlton is getting that innovative “Garage Door Window” patio setup that I saw in my visit to Island Ave Philadelphia location! Check out my comparison photo at the bottom of this article!

Raising Cane’s Island Ave Philadelphia shows what we should expect! Check my “visit tour” posted a few days ago!

Chick-Fil-A – Garde State Pavillions Cherry Hill

The new Chick-Fil-A at the Garden State Pavilions is a relocation of an existing location store, which has been open just a mile or so up the road in front of Wegmans.

This new location in the ShopRite shopping center was developed on a larger plot of land, which gives them significant room for dual-lane drive-thru which they currently do not have in at their Wegmans location.

A new Chick-Fil-A is rising at the Garden State Pavilions in Cherry Hill. This is a relocation to a new building (with Drive-thru), for an existing store a mile away.

I visited the site on Monday and yes… the building looks basically done, with all of the asphalt and concrete paving in place, and what appears to be a fully constructed exterior building.

Still to be completed on the outside are the drive-thru canopies to protect customers from the elements, as well as the painting of the parking lot stripes.

While I was not able to walk up to the building and see what’s going on inside there are very few construction trucks in the area.. 

… and as I mentioned I’ve heard from an unofficial representative that they are looking for a September opening.

Which when I say “September Opening” could be interpreted as one to two months.

A new Chick-Fil-A is rising at the Garden State Pavilions in Cherry Hill. This is a relocation to a new building (with Drive-thru), for an existing store a mile away.

Raising Cane’s Cherry Hill

Raising Cane’s is a Chicken Finger restaurant which is popular in other parts of the country, and making a big push to open new locations in South Jersey!

The Raising Cane’s Cherry Hill is being developed directly next to the old Chick-fil-A in front of Wegmans!

This new Raising Cane’s will be a free standing building next to the “old” Chick-Fil-A, in an empty parcel of parking lot between two of the front “pad” buildings.

Raising Cane’s Cherry Hill has started construction the Garden State Park complex, in front of Wegmans

While the space looks a little tight, they were able to design it so that the new Rasing Cane’s would also support a drive-thru.

This Cherry Hill location was the second planned South Jersey location to become known to folks.

In my visit yesterday I could see that the initial concrete wall foundation of the building has been poured and workers are installing the underground utility piping… but they have not moved forward to the flooring or wall construction.

But it’s nice to see that they are making progress with the project!

Raising Cane’s Cherry Hill has started construction with the initial concrete wall foundation going in, and underground utilities. Coincidentally, it is being developed directly next to a Chick-Fil-A that is relocating up the road.

Raising Cane’s Marlton

The Marlton Raising Cane’s location was the first to become aware to folks, and was reported at the Facebook page “A View from Evesham” (Facebook)

And sticking with the order of announcements, it seems this Marlton location is the furthest along of the South Jersey planned restaurants…  with the wooden frame and walls of the restaurant taking shape, and a steel structure for what I believe to be an enclosed patio area!

So what’s very interesting and surprising to me in seeing this development status, is that just a few days ago I wrote about my visit to the Philadelphia Island Ave. location, and I noted the interesting patio construction which they had there… which included a wrap-around patio with glass garage doors!

The first we heard of Raising Cane’s in South Jersey was Marlton, and first going up seems to be Marlton. Note the steel frame on the right.. interesting patio configuration?

I jumped ahead to say that I didn’t think the South Jersey locations were going to have those garage door patios.

But now that I look at my images of the Marlton store… honestly it looks like an exact copy of what I visited in Philadelphia. Down to the steel structure for the “garage door style” pation enclosure!

Actually, the while its still very early for the construction of Marlton, from what I see it appears to be an exact duplicate of the Philadelphia Penrose Ave location.

The Marlton Raising Cane’s frame and steel structure compared to recently opened Island Ave location has me thinking.. Marlton is getting the Garage Door patio also!

The front door is off to the right. A steel roof structure is in place where the same patio area would go.

It more and more seems to be a perfect match to where I just visited!

If I was a betting man I’d say that at least the Marlton location is getting that multi-season patio space, and now I am questioning what I thought for all of the locations!

The Marlton Raising Cane’s is showing a steel structure on the right where it seems a mult-season patio area is going in!

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