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Rohan’s Indian Bistro Brings Delicious Flavors to Glassboro’s High Street

Rohan’s Indian Bistro Brings Delicious Flavors to Glassboro’s High Street
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Rohan’s Indian Bistro opened recently in Glassboro NJ on High Street, featuring dishes from both North and South India. The menu features dishes prepared with chicken, shrimp, vegetarian, goat and more… all in a beautifully remodeled bistro dining experience.

There are also many Vegan and Gluten-Free menu options, and the meat is 100% Halal. All meals can be prepared at your comfortable level of spice.

Rohan’s even offers a “Tiffin” menu where for one very reasonable price you can choose from two entrée dishes, which also includes rice and plain Naan bread.

Maybe you are familiar with the equally delicious Krish’s Indian Bistro in Washington Township? Rohan’s is owned and operated by the same family! I met up with Rohit who was an amazing host for our visit… he and his staff were very attentive and offered great suggestions.

Rohan’s is a full Indian dining experience in a remodeled bistro which takes over a space that was previously a Steve’s Grilled Cheese location.

Located at 22 High Street East in the area where Center Street connects (Heritage Glass Works Museum).   The Bistro is just one block off of Main Street and the Glassboro Town Square at Rowan Boulevard.

They are open 6 days a week (closed Monday) and serve Lunch and Dinner.

My wife and I stopped in at Rohan’s Indian Bistro in Glassboro earlier this week and tried a variety of amazingly prepared dishes. Our choices featured chicken, shrimp, vegetarian, and for our first time ever… goat!

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Rohan’s Indian Bistro – Glassboro

Our mid-week was timed between the busier lunch and dinner crowds, as I like to take a lot of photos and sometimes video… so when I can, I target the quieter “between meal” times!

Inside, the family behind Rohan’s did a beautiful job remodeling the restaurant space.

“Bistro” is the perfect description for the restaurant as it’s not large with about 10 tables, but it’s casual setting offers a step-up in décor, with linen tablecloths and metal Indian thali dinner plates.

Wooden floors offset the off-white walls and black accents.  To add some fun and softness, hanging flowers surround the dining area interior.

Rohan’s also offers a full take-out experience and has food delivery partner relationships with Grubhub, UberEats, DoorDash and Slice.

Rohan’s Indian Bistro – Our Meal

Mrs 42Freeway and I went all in on our Rohan’s experience trying a variety of appetizers, entrees and even a small dessert.

We started with vegetable samosa, which are two crispy flour pastries wrapped around a mixture of potatoes and peas.  We were provided with two different dipping sauces. Fresh and delicious!

We only chose one seafood dish and Shrimp Bukhara was a perfect choice. Cooked in a ginger garlic cream sauce, it was not as spicy as the deep red tint would indicate… simply full of flavor

Another appetizer was Tandoori Chicken… marinated in yogurt, with Indian spices and on a bed of onions and peppers. Amazingly tender and flavorful.

For drinks we chose the Mango Lassi which is a creamy yogurt-based Indian drink made with mango, milk, a little sugar and a bit of cardamom (ginger).   It was creamy, cool and refreshing!

Our entrees were three different choices; two chicken and one goat.

Absolutely, we had to try the Chicken Tikki Masala as it’s clearly a top choice of American diners eating at Indian restaurants.  Boneless chicken cooked in onion, green peppers and a cream sauce makes for an incredibly flavorful bite… and the Rohan’s version is one of the best versions I’ve had in South Jersey.

Chicken Saagwala is also a boneless chicken dish but cooked with spinach, garlic, ginger and spices. The amount of spinach in the dish almost qualifies it as a bonus side dish. The Saagwala was my wife’s favorite and she can’t wait to return to order it again.

With our meal we also chose Garlic Naan Bread.  If you’re unfamiliar, “Naan” is a leavened, oven baked flatbread.  Indian cooking features many delicious sauces so the Naan bread is the perfect complement for getting every flavorful morsel from your plate.   I would recommend the garlic choice!

And of course the dishes were served with basmati rice which was just perfectly cooked and really offers a perfect fresh balance to the entrees.

For our third entree we went a little adventurous for us, as neither my wife or I had ever tried goat. We ordered a Goat Rogan Josh which is goat cooked with extra virgin olive, garlic, ginger and spices.

It was a very tasty dish with a texture that I felt was sort of between chicken and beef.  It’s one of those dishes that if someone told you it was chicken or even beef, you would have went along with it and just thought this was an amazing delicious dinner choice.

 As you would expect my wife and I were hitting our limits for our lunch/dinner visit and didn’t think we had room for a dessert…  but the staff recommended we try Gulab Jamun which is a classic Indian dessert of fried dough balls made from milk solids and a sugary saffron syrup.

Perfectly sweet and delicious ending to an amazing meal… just that extra bite size flavor that we needed to close things out.

Links and Location

Rohan’s Indian Bistro
22 High Street East
Glassboro NJ


Closed Mondays