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Rob’s Kitchen Coming to Stratford’s Former Friendly’s Building. Jamaican & Soul Food

Rob’s Kitchen Coming to Stratford’s Former Friendly’s Building. Jamaican & Soul Food
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The Borough of Stratford recently announced that Rob’s Kitchen Jamaican & Soul food is taking over an empty building on the White Horse Pike, which was originally developed as a Friendly’s Restaurant.  Most recently the property operated as a Steve’s Grilled Cheese location.

Rob’s Kitchen specializes in Jamaican and Soul Food, offering a menu which includes Oxtails and Curry Chicken, as well as Fried Whiting Fish, BBQ Pork Ribs and Chicken Wings. They also offering catering orders.

Rob’s Kitchen Jamaican & Soul Food is coming to Stratford’s White Horse Pike, close to Aldi

The location on the White Horse Pike is next to Zale Funeral home and a few blocks from Aldi.

Locals will remember that Rob’s Kitchen for many years was located within the Rumors Bar and Grill in Clementon New Jersey, also on the White Horse Pike.   Rumors Bar closed during covid and did not reopen.  Today the Rumors building appears to be in very poor shape.

And Rob needed to find a new home for his delicious Jamaican and Soul food dishes… Stratford New Jersey!

Borough of Stratford made the announcement a few weeks ago that Rob’s Kitchen was coming to town, taking over a building which originally was a Friendly’s (Stratford Facebook)

With the upcoming Stratford location, its clear from the Borough Facebook post that the Friendly’s building will be dedicated to solely to Rob’s Kitchen.

The Stratford Borough’s Mid-December Facebook post states the the town has met with the new owners of the property (Rob) who expects to do some interior and exterior renovations (and signage) before they open up their doors and offer amazing Jamaican and Soul Food to the local communities.

I called the number listed on the website (hoping it was a cell for Rob) and while it rang, no one answered… so I have not had a change to chat with Rob regarding all of his plans.

Of course when Rob’s Kitchen is closer to opening I will definitely be back to chat with Rob, try his delicious food and share the experience with readers!

This is the THIRD new restaurant I’ve written about recently for a 3/4 mile stretch of the White Horse Pike

This is the THIRD awesome restaurant news for White Horse Pike in just a 3/4 mile stretch as I recently reported on, as well as Axo Foods opening earlier this year. Mexica-Fusion, Columbian, Jamaican-Soul and American Brunch add up to amazing additions to the culinary landscape of the White Horse Pike!

  • Tierra Colombia is coming to Somerdale, reported on Dec 12th
  • Amy’s Omelette House is taking over Somerdale’s StarView Diner, reported on December 28th
  • Axo Foods opened earlier in 2023 in Lindenwold, wow’ing people with amazing birria tacos and more!
  • Rob’s Kitchen is coming to the former Friendly’s building in Stratford, reported on… Right now!

Rob’s Kitchen Jamaican & Soul Food – Stratford

I could not locate a social media presence for Rob’s Kitchen but he does still maintain a website for the restaurant… and the address has already been updated to the upcoming Stratford location!

According to the website, Rob’s Kitchen was established back in 2001 by Livern who is also known by the alias of Robin…  where the name “Rob’s Kitchen” came from.

Rob always loved cooking, but his initial career path led him into different directions including a commercial cleaner.  But he always carried that vision for having his own restaurant one day!

You’ve heard this saying before “when dark clouds roll in, look for a silver lining” and for Rob that meant opening his first location for Rob’s Kitchen on Evesham Rd.

This former Friendly’s restaurant building in Stratford NJ will soon be offering delicious meals again, as Rob’s Kitchen will be moving into the space.

He then moved over to Rumors Bar and Grill in Clementon on the White Horse Pike, offering his delicious Jamaican soul food from the local bar’s kitchen.

A Yelp review from 2019 says  ”The food is always so delicious! I love getting their Fried Whiting and Oxtail Platters! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!”

Another Yelp review going back to 2014 “…And Robs Jamaican food!!!! Yummmmm! Oxtails, curry, jerk, best hot wings around!”

The current menu presented at the website goes back to rumors Bar and Grill… so aspects of it are likely to change when Rob’s Kitchen opens in Stratford.

The menu is broken into several categories including Jamaican platters, Soul Food platters, sandwiches sides and wings.

The upcoming Rob’s Kitchen in Stratford is also close to the Patco Speedline and Jefferson Hospital Stratford.

Jamaican Platters include oxtails, curry chicken, brown Stew chicken, jerk chicken and curry goat.   Rob is offering them in two sizes; medium and large.

Soul Food platters are listed as including two sides and include fried Whiting fish, BBQ pork ribs, fried chicken and chicken wings

Sandwiches takes some of the delicious entree offers and puts them together in a handheld format.  Options include fried whiting fish, BBQ pork rib meat, fried chicken breast, and fried chicken leg and thighs

This former Friendly’s restaurant building in Stratford NJ will soon be offering delicious meals again, as Rob’s Kitchen will be moving into the space.

For many people some of the best parts of a Jamaican, soul food or BBQ restaurant are the sides… and Rob’s Kitchen offers plenty of choices including macaroni and cheese, collard greens, plantains and more.

Wings were a big signature item for robs and they offer choices of hot wings and whole wings.

Rob’s Kitchen Jamaican & Soul Food (Coming Soon)
804 White Horse Pike
Stratford NJ, 08021