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StarView Diner Somerdale Owners Retiring.  Amy’s Omelette House Taking Over

StarView Diner Somerdale Owners Retiring.  Amy’s Omelette House Taking Over
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The rumors have been circulating for weeks, and today the StarView Diner made it official… after 25 years the StarView owners are retiring and selling the diner to Amy’s Omelette House.

The notice posted at the restaurant goes on to say that the scheduled closing date is January 3rd.

I reached out to Amy’s Omelette House owner-operator Ted Kopsaftis who shared with me that after they take over full ownership in early January, they plan on closing for a month or two while they do some light (remodeling) work, rebrand the building, and train the staff (on Amy’s menu and methodologies).

I also chatted with a StarView Diner family member who provided me additional details related to the family’s retirement and sale, which I have incorporated into this article.

The official announcement sign is up at the StarView Diner in Somerdale. The owners are retiring and Amy’s Omelette House is taking over. (Image: Starview)

StarView Diner Somerdale – 25 Year Delicious Legacy

The StarView Diner is located on the White Horse Pike in Somerdale NJ, one property in from the Somerdale Road intersection.

For 25 years the StarView has been owned by Stefanos Kitrinos and family.  Prior to that the diner was known as Loupe’s Somerdale Diner.

StarView Diner in Somerdale is closing, as the owners are retiring. Amy’s Omelette House will be taking over the property

Over the two and a half decades of the StarView Diner, staff and family have become a beloved part of the community… with that love going in both directions!

In the announcement letter, retiring owner Stefanos stated:

Starview Diner has been a success due to the support of all of you.  This goes without saying, this business has been an enjoyable part of my life.  With a Heavy Heart I have decided to start a new chapter.

Stefanos Kitrinos, StarView Diner
StarView Diner in Somerdale NJ – Soon to become an Amy’s Omelette House location!

Coincidentally on Christmas Day, Fox 29 News put together a story on restaurants which were open for the holiday… and they stopped in at the StarView diner. Just three days ago!

Fox 29 interviewed several customers in the restaurant and ended the segment with a short comment from Stefanos who had this to say about being open on Christmas Day “For the customers only I open up, they give us support!”

StarView Diner Somerdale – One of many accolades in their 25 years of business (Image: Starview)

The StarView Diner instagram profile proudly shows that in 2020 the were declared “one of the best diners” by the Courier-Post Reader’s Choice awards… which is likely one of many recognitions given to Somerdale’s StarView Diner!

The StarView Diner also has a full liquor license and a small dedicated bar area in the back of the side dining room. According to Ted of Amy’s Omelette House, they will NOT be taking over the liquor license. I imagine it will become available for sale, but I have not confirmed that.

Somerdale’s StarView Diner also features a liquor license and bar. The property is being taken over by Amy’s Omelette House (although the liquor status is unclear to me)

I visited the StarView diner twice this month and in both of my visits I had delicious meals while sitting at the front counter. The staff was super pleasant and attentive, kept my soda glass filled, and served me piping hot food!

StarView Diner in Somerdale NJ

I really enjoyed the vegetable soup as well as my open face Reuben sandwich!

I wish a joyous retirement to Stefanos and the family! I know that many restaurant owners simply work every day and never take vacations, so I expect this is a well deserved break from a very busy life! I bet the family wonders if Stefanos will really be able to relax!

And to be clear at least for the next week, the StarView Diner is still open. You can stop in one last time!

Starview Diner in Somerdale NJ – A delicious Reuben that I ate recently!

Amy’s Omelette House

Amy’s Omelette House is taking over ownership of the StarView Diner in Somerdale.

Amy’s currently has three locations in New Jersey; Cherry Hill, Burlington, and Long Branch. Somerdale would be the fourth.

Owner-Operator Ted tells 42Freeway that while they are taking over the Somerdale property, they are not taking over the liquor license. When they reopen as Amy’s after a rebranding and training effort, they will be open for breakfast and lunch only.

We are looking forward to becoming a part of the community in Somerdale and continuing the tradition of bringing people together for good food just as the previous owners (StarView) have done for many years.    

Ted KopsaftisOwner-Operator of Amy’s Omelette House on their upcoming Somerdale location
A sampling of Amy’s Omelette house amazing food! (Images: Amy’s)

if you are unfamiliar with Amy’s Omelette House, they offer down home cooking with a huge menu, which they joke is best observed from outer space so you can see it all!

Their namesake omelets are available in more than 200 varieties, and breakfast offers 30 different options for pancakes and French toast!

Dinner time brings on a full entree menu including chicken parmigiana, hot roast turkey and much more.

The closest Amy’s to the upcoming Somerdale location is in Cherry Hill on Cuthbert Blvd, next to Camden Catholic High School and across the street from the Courier-Post offices.

Amy’s Omelette House currently has three locations, including this one in Cherry Hill (Image: Google Maps)

So I am kicking myself because I have never stopped in to Amy’s to eat, but looking at their photos online the food just looks absolutely amazing and also innovative… well I guess if you’re offering up 200 varieties of omelets you have to be innovative in your menu!

Yelp reviews of Amy’s Cherry Hill shows very positive recent dining experiences, with the quality, taste and portion size of the food identified as top “pluses”, Many others noted the huge menu and also the decor of the diner.

I am looking forward to the new Amy’s location coming to the White Horse Pike, and I suspect that I will be getting a preview look this weekend by visiting the Cherry Hill location!

StarView Diner (Becoming an Amy’s Omelette House location!)
9 S White Horse Pike
Somerdale, NJ 08083

Amy’s Omelette House (Cherry Hill)
302 Cuthbert Blvd
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002