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Revolution Rail Woodstown NJ Celebrates First Successful Season! Weekend Spots Open Thru Labor Day

Revolution Rail Woodstown NJ Celebrates First Successful Season!  Weekend Spots Open Thru Labor Day
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The Revolution Rail rail-biking folks have had a great first season so far in Woodstown NJ! Just 4 weekends left before they shut down the location until next spring!

Reservations are required and can be made online!

Yes you will pedal a lightweight rail car over train tracks, and see parts of Salem and Gloucester County that you wouldn’t ever see from a car!

If you can’t make it to Woodstown in the next few weekends they also have a VERY successful location in Cape May which runs all Fall through the end of December. Cape May also runs during the week due to vacationer demand.

Keep reading and scrolling to learn more. I even have a very short video in this post.

The Woodstown Revolution Rail run covers 6 miles out and back and features a varied landscape of trees, farms, old freight train buildings and even crossing Oldmans Creek on a bridge!

But What? You didn’t know that an awesome rail biking experience was just 30 minutes away from the Deptford Mall, and that they are coming back next year?!

Yes it’s true.. and my apologies for not being on top of this one, especially after my Cape May post (and video) last year was probably one of my most popular articles!

To be very clear I am writing this story later in the summer only because I recently learned of it. Woodstown has been very popular and if you want to ride there this year, you need to go book right now before 42Freeway fans fills up all of the remaining slots!

Keep scrolling and reading to learn about Revolution Rail, the pedal experience, and the specifics of the Woodstown location!

Riding on an old train bridge! The Woodstown NJ Revolution Rail run

Revolution Rail – What’ it All About?

Revolution Rail started in 2016 in North Creek NY by two longtime friends Robert Harte and Michael Dupee.

Robert came up with the initial idea and brought in Mike to form the team. They needed an agreement to use the rails at the first location, they needed a business entity, they needed advertising… and they needed the rail-bike cars.

Well the friends designed and built the rail cars themselves, starting with 6 of them for their first New York State runs!

The Woodstown Revolution Rail starts in the heart of town. The area in this image is where President Taft spoke to local residents in 1912!

They try to make it more than just a rail-bike ride by incorporating a unique educational experience for their guests.

Today they have 5 different locations in three States (New York, Colorado, New Jersey) and over 100,000 people have ridden with Revolution Rail!

Woodstown Revolution Rail – Intro

So a very unique aspect of the Woodstown run is it starts a few blocks from the recently opened Farmers and Bankers brewery!

The Woodstown experience starts in the area where in 1912 President Taft spoke to residents! Then its off past the old rail freight house, and you even pedal over Oldmans Creek!

Farmers & Bankers Brewery recently opened in Woodstown NJ and is 3 blocks from Revolution Rail starting point!

And if you want to take you Revolution Rail Woodstown experience to another level, they offer a special event “Brew to Brew” extended length run which incorporates stops at both Farmers & Bankers AND Swedesboro Brewing! (You must book the Brew-to-Brew specifically)

For the Brew to Brew special run there is just one run left on the schedule, September 3rd.

Regardless of your location, you need to make reservations in advance!

The Woodstown version of Revolution Rail is approximately 6 miles long and takes about 2 hours.

The cars are very easy to pedal and meant to travel at a leisurely pace. The course is mostly flat but there is a slight incline at one point.

During my visit last weekend at Woodstown I just happened to catch one of the founders, Robert who made a trip down to check out how things were going at his newest location.

If you drive down don’t forget to visit Swedesboro Brewing which is just a few miles away. They are also the other end of the special Brew To Brew tour with Revolution Rail. This photo is literally that brew rail tour in the brewery. I just happened to be there at the time!

Woodstown Revolution Rail – Details

The Woodstown rail-biking trip begins at Wilson Ave where it meets East Ave (Route 40). This is one block from Woodstown High School and across from the old rail freight house.

Google Maps lists the location as “Woodstown Central with Revolution Rail Company”. If that isn’t a match try “The Hailey Jane Dance Center”

The starting area is the edge of a suburban neighborhood where the train tracks dissect through, with Wilson Ave and West Wilson Ave on either side of the tracks.

Cars park on the east side of the tracks… well you’ll see the Revolution Rail folks set up when you arrive!

The rail-bike cars will be set on the tracks up waiting, and a table is there for guests to be checked in.

It’s important to note that the time on the reservation is when they expect to roll-out, so you are asked to be there at 20 minutes before.

A lot of varied scenery on the run! Over and under a bridge! Revolution Rail Woodstown

There are also some restrictions around size. For example the weight is capped at 300 lbs. Check the website for more details (We share the key ones below)

As you start, you’ll immediately cross over Route 40 and ride past the original rail freight house from the late 1800s and is the site where in 1912 President Taft spoke to a crowd of locals from his uniquely designed campaign train.

As you pedal out of Woodstown you will see a water tower that was built in 1879.

In Pilesgrove you’ll ride through farm fields and then over the Oldmans Creek bridge ending the first half of the trip in Gloucester County, where the rail-bikes are turned around and you head back.

42Freeway fans Sean and Lisa show how comfortable the Revolution Rail railbikes are!



Always check the website for all of the restrictions and FAQs. As of today these are the featured restrictions.

  • There is a 300 lbs weight limit per rider per seat.
  • There is no minimum age requirement.
    • Infants can ride with mom or dad in a front-mounted child carrier (like a Baby Bjorn).
    • Toddlers can ride in a front-mounted child carrier also, but if they can sit up on their own and hold their heads up, we have 5-point harnesses for them and they can ride along in their own seat.
    • Kids age 4 and up can ride in their own seats, using our seat belts.
    • Loose lap babies are not allowed.

I have ridden the Cape May run but haven’t made it on the Woodstown run (despite being there)!

The rail bikes really are easy to pedal, it’s a ton of fun… and I love the idea of the Brew To Brew run!

Links and Locations

Revolution Rail – Woodstown NJ
East Avenue &, W Wilson Ave
Woodstown, NJ 08098

Register: Woodstown Central Run (the classic run)

Register: Woodstown Brew To Brew Run (Select dates. One left this year!)

Revolution Rail – Cape May NJ
609 Lafayette St
Cape May, NJ 08204

Register: Cape May Run

42Freeway Cape May Post and Video from 2021

Revolution Rail Main Facebook Page

Farmers and Bankers Brewing
8 N Main St
Woodstown, NJ 08098


Swedesboro Brewery
95 Woodstown Road
Swedesboro, NJ