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Orale Tacos Coming To Blackwood Clementon Rd. Former Shrimple Building. Now Hiring!

Orale Tacos Coming To Blackwood Clementon Rd.  Former Shrimple Building.  Now Hiring!
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Orale Tacos expects to open on September 9th on Blackwood Clementon Road across from Highland High School. The location was previously home to “Keep It Shrimple“, which closed earlier this year.

UPDATE: NOW OPEN! I have a second post… dining experience. Lots of Photos. Check it out!

The Orale Tacos Facebook page was just created yesterday! (Go Like the Facebook Page)

How on top of things am I? I was the first to like their Facebook Page! ha!

But a huge thank you to the 42Freeway readers for supporting and helping with this site. I learned of this new restaurant yesterday when two readers reported to me there was a new banner hanging outside the building.

Orale Tacos has posted on their Facebook that they are hiring for servers, cooks and line cooks.

As mentioned they are across from Highland High School on Blackwood Clementon Road (at Peters Lane), close to Route 42 and Blenheim Erial Road, The Jamestown Square apartments are directly behind them.

Orale Tacos is coming to Blackwood Clementon Road. Targeting a September Opening

“We make our tortillas from scratch”

I stopped over late afternoon yesterday to check out the banner and get photos.

When I pulled up out front of the building I saw the banner and took a photo, but I thought the place was closed up tight.

As I drove out of the parking lot I saw two cars in back!

The back doors were open and I stopped in and caught up with the co-owner Chef, George Reyes and several members of his team who were working inside to get the restaurant ready for reopening.

So I walked right in! “Hello! Hello!”

And around the inside corner came a man who introduced himself as the co-owner and Chef. George Reyes.

Banner is up announcing Orale Tacos is coming to Blackwood Clementon Road across from Highland High School

Without knowing who this guy was that just snuck in through his kitchen, George’s greeting was one of friendliness and welcoming.

I introduced myself, the website, and that I wanted to write about the new restaurant.

Instantly he was 100% on board with chatting about his plans, and how 42Freeway can help get the word out for them.

Yesterday it was a very warm day and a bit warmer in the kitchen area where we were talking, and quickly I was offered a refreshing beverage to drink (which they had for the workers getting the place ready), and we spent a few minutes chatting.

Like most people I meet writing this website, these were very friendly guys. I was impressed by what George was telling me and while I haven’t eaten is food yet I know I can’t wait to try it!

I mean that’s the way it should work… but I always feel a little awkward just walking in unannounced in the back door of a not opened restaurant! ha!

George says they are focused in getting the property ready for reopening. Cleaning things up, changing some décor aspects inside.. so the the full online presence and marketing plan hasn’t been completed yet. (although they are already listed on Google Maps!)

But George was able to give me a hint of what is to come.

And of course 42Freeway will be back for more details to share with readers as it gets closer to opening!

Be sure to like the Orale Tacos Facebook page. I am LIKE number one! ha!

George says he has worked in some of Philadelphia’s most well known restaurants in the genre, including El Vez and Cuba Libra.

His role at the new restaurant is both as the chef and part owner.

For the purposes of customers enjoying the food and experience at the upcoming restaurant, George is the man in charge of it all.

We didn’t get too much into the menu… well as I said, they are focused on getting the restaurant ready to go but…

… George tells me everything will be scratch made in the restaurant.

Even the tortillas will be made in the restaurant. They are importing from Mexico an authentic restaurant quality tortilla making machine.

As mentioned they are hoping to open in early September. Just 4 weeks away.

Of course I’ll be back to check in on them as they get closer to opening, and get updated photos and try some of the delicious Mexican dishes!

Keep It Shrimple – What To Do When Places Close? Vlog!

So yeah it’s obvious that Keep It Shrimple has closed!

A big thank you to the many readers who reached out to over the last few months to tell me the news.

I didn’t report on it. Actually I have a list of about 8 recent closings.

I’m just not clear what the right thing to do is. I mean if I report on a closing people are going to want to know “why?”

Keep it Shrimple closed after a year. Orale Tacos is taking over the space.

And what do I do? Contact the owner who just had their dream shut down and press them for reasons why? Eh… nah I can’t do that, and honestly I don’t think I’ll get responses.

Would people be happy with a post simply saying XYZ closed? I don’t think so.

Do I simple share it as a Facebook post and not a full website article?

But also if I say nothing I’ll continue to get more and more messages on it.

Podcast? Video Podcast!

So my latest plan is, I’ve been hinting at times about a podcast. I even bought a full podcast mixer board.

But now most likely I am going the direction of a video podcast on YouTube (VLOG),

Or maybe both?

Even though my articles have gotten significantly longer over the last few years, there is still much more for me to say.

There is always more for me to say! Ha!

Are you a subscriber at the 42Freeway YouTube channel? Give it a subscribe!

Plus there are stories I’ve missed that other outlets have.

Or maybe there are old articles that need some updating. “What’s going on with the 5 points Wawa!” Enough information to talk about as part of a large update, but maybe not to make a full article about it.

And in that Video Podcast I can also talk about any closed businesses.

Maybe in the future I am recording on location at restaurants and stores?

So that’s the general theme of the idea. Coming very soon.

“Mark you have so many ideas!? No way you can do that with a working man’s schedule”

Well that will be the topic of 42Freeway Video Podcast Episode Zero.

Links and Location

NOW OPEN! Check out second article with dining experience and photos!

Orale Tacos – NOW OPEN
1669 Blackwood Clementon Rd
Blackwood, NJ 08012


Website (to come)