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Playa Bowls Coming to Washington Twp’s Tower Square Center

Playa Bowls Coming to Washington Twp’s Tower Square Center
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Playa Bowls calls themselves New Jersey’s Original Acai Shop, and soon they are opening in Washington Township at the Tower Square shopping center on Egg Harbor Rd.   This is the shopping center that is also home to the Village Pub bar/restaurant.

Playa Bows offers delirious and healthy acai bowls, with a variety of fresh fruits, granolas and other healthy ingredients. (Image: Playa Bowls)

An Anytime Fitness gym is also planned for the shopping center, and while progress has seemed to be slow since I wrote about them back at December… the location signage for Anytime Fitness has been installed.

Playa Bowls’ menu consists of healthy fruits and other ingredients arranged in beautifully prepared bowls, which gives a delicious yet healthy meal or treat. They also offer smoothies and juices.

Playa Bowls is coming to Washington Township’s Tower Square shopping center.

Playa Bowls Menu

The signature bowls typically are built around a base fruit such as acai berries, mango or coconut, and then topped with a variety of other delicious flavors including banana, strawberries, apple, granola and even Nutella.

it’s a fresh and delicious healthy meal made with the freshest ingredients.

if you’re unfamiliar with acai… it is a small fruit found on acai palm trees in South America. The berries are very similar to grapes.

The flesh and skin of the acai berry is packed with vitamins and nutrients, and is also low in calories. Acai is considered to be a “superfood: where it provides benefits such as antioxidants, fiber, heart healthy fats and calcium

Play Bowls offers delicious and healthy bowls… fruits, kale, granola and more

The core menu is based around bowls of a base fruit and then topped with a variety of healthy deliciousness, the menu offers several categories of bowls as well as smoothies, juices, cold brews and more.

Right now their online website menu list almost 40 different bowl recipes, and it seems they were updated for the fall season… offering bowls such as the “Jack of Lantern Acai Bowl” which features pumpkin flax, granola, banana, pumpkin butter and pumpkin spice.

Bowl categories include acai, pitaya (dragonfruit), coconut, banana, chia pudding and oatmeal bowls.

The “green” category features five different bowls based on a kale blend, which is then also topped with delicious and fresh fruits, granola and coconut

2018 photo of the Playa Bowls Glassboro Rowan menu… extensive! Items shown here have likely changed in 5 years.

Playa Bowls Sewell

The news of this new Playa Bowls Sewell location comes from Facebook where they created a new page specific to the location, and added the announcement that they were coming soon to Tower Square. That post was then shared to several local Facebook groups.

Construction has not started on the unit as it appears the lease was recently signed, but the local operators are encouraging people to “like” their Facebook page, as they will be posting construction updates, as well as grand opening details.

Playa Bowls Sewell is moving in to this unit, in the center of the Tower Square Shopping Center

The unit is “H” which is a prime center location in the curved shopping center, directly underneath the Tower Square main signage. 

With Playa Bowls taking the center unit, directly next to them on one side is Quick Pack, and the other side is Dare2 boutique.

The Playa Bowls unit was previously home to ETG Financial.   I am not aware of the status of ETG Financial.

2018 Image of Playa Bowls Rowan Glassboro. Fun tropical vibes!

There are Playa Bowls locations in Cherry Hill, Marlton and Rowan Boulevard. I visited the Rowan location over 5 years ago. Additionally they have locations along the Jersey shore including Cape May, Wildwood, Stone Harbor, Sea Isle, Ocean City, Somers Point, Ventnor and more!

The interior decor was very tropical with fun and bright colored graphics and design… I’d imagine we’ll see a similar fun design in the upcoming Sewell location.

The photo I have of the Rowan’s menu from back in 2018 is extensive!   Several core categories of delicious items, with different recipes in each category.

Anytime Fitness is coming to Sewell Washington Township, as well as a new Playa Bowls location.

Playa Bowls: 190 Locations, Started in New Jersey

Playa Bowls started in the New Jersey beach town of Belmar, in Monmouth county.

Two New Jersey surfers Robert Giuliani and Abby Taylor were spending time traveling around the world to tray different surfing spots and realized that superfruit acai and pitaya bowls where a part of the surfer’s diet.. but it really had not made its way into New Jersey.

2018 Image of Playa Bowls Rowan Glassboro. Fun tropical vibes!

The two originally started with a small patio table, a blender and a frigid freezer set up and created a pop-up stand on the sidewalk in front of a pizza shop.

From that humble beginnings as a sidewalk business under an umbrella, has grow to creating a brand and business which now has over 190 locations!

2018 Image of Playa Bowls Rowan Glassboro. Founded by two New Jersey surfers… they carried them theme into the Playa Bowls locations.

Playa Bowls Sewell – Coming Soon
137 Egg Harbor Road – Unit H
Sewell, NJ 08080