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Anytime Fitness Coming to Washington Twp at Tower Square Center Near 5-Points

Anytime Fitness Coming to Washington Twp at Tower Square Center Near 5-Points
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The banner hanging high on the Tower Square shopping center confirms that Anytime Fitness is coming to Washington Township on Egg Harbor Rd, in the 5-points area of town.

The new gym location will be moving into a prime end unit which previously was home to a Dollar General store before the discount goods retailer relocated to a new building near by.

Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour gym in a size more compact than other competitors such as Planet Fitness. Typically the average size of Anytime Fitness is 4-6,000 square feet, and a Planet Fitness is about 20,000 square feet.

That being said, based on the Tower Square site plan the space allocated to Anytime Fitness Sewell is 9,000 square feet which would make it one of the larger locations for them.

A new Anytime Fitness gym location is coming to the Tower Square shopping center in Washington Township NJ (Near 5-Points). The new gym is in the back left (purple banner). On the right-side is the Village Pub and in the immediate foreground is a bank building which is available for lease.

To better help readers pinpoint the location, this is the same shopping center where the Village Pub is located.

This is a nice signing for the center to fill out that key space. They only have the free-standing bank building left as available to lease.

Five years ago an Anytime Fitness location opened 3 miles away from in Deptford, in front of Home Depot. That location closed about 2 years later.

Those three miles could make a big difference. Yes there are many gyms in Washington Township and Deptford… but this could be a good location for Anytime Fitness as it will be situated in the center of what seems to be a hole in gym coverage.

The upcoming Anytime Fitness for Sewell NJ may have found a nice coverage gap to fill-in (Image: Google Maps)

If you look at the area on Google Maps and search “gym” they seem to create a ring in all directions about 10 minutes out from the 5-points intersection!

An Anytime Fitness has been operating successfully for several years in Williamstown. Locations are typically franchised, and the Williamstown ownership is not involved with this upcoming Washington Township location.

A big hat-tip to a 42Freeway reader for bringing this to my attention!

Image from the former Deptford Anytime Fitness from around 2017.

Anytime Fitness

As mentioned, Anytime Fitness gyms are typically individually owned franchises.

While there is a core menu of offerings that they support, the full offering for each gym can vary. But absolutely they all feature cardio equipment (bikes and treadmills), weights and weight machines and more.

The Tower Square shopping center in Washington Township has a new tenant signed on, with Anytime Fitness taking over the spot on the left (purple banner)

Also part of the Anytime Fitness experience is their customized “Get Started Plan” which is created by their friendly, professional staff. On their website they also call out personal training and classes, so we should expect to see a dedicated class area. I was a member in the former Deptford location and they were able to have both separate class and spin-class areas.

While the “Coming Soon” banner is in place at Tower Square, there are no other details to be found online to let us know what is planned for the new Washington Township location at this time. We’ll have to wait and see!

Timing is also an unknown. While gyms seem like a big open space, I’d imagine there is a fair amount of buildout related to bathrooms and showers, electricity to support treadmills and other equipment as well as building out interior walls for classrooms.

A new Anytime Fitness is coming to Sewell/Washington Township New Jersey.

Links and Location

Anytime Fitness Sewell – (Expected in 2023)
137 Egg Harbor Road
Sewell – Washington Twp, NJ