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New Franklinville Super Wawa is Open

New Franklinville Super Wawa is Open
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A new “Super” Wawa opened last Thursday in Franklinville New Jersey (Gloucester County), on Delsea Drive. This was a “demo and rebuild in place” project, so for many long months area residents were without their Wawa!

And yes everyone was ecstatic to have their Wawa back! Just in time ahead of the deeper cold winter. “Gotta Get The Bread and Milk!!!”

Typically we see Wawa replacing older stores with new ones at different (but close) locations.

For the Franklinville Wawa, the location was just too good to give up as the store sat on a wedge of land formed by Delsea Drive and Porchtown Rd, which are part of a well traveled 5-pt intersection.

Years ago the Bellmawr Creek Rd Wawa also was demolished and rebuilt in place. So it does happen, it just seems rare.

A new “Super” Wawa opened in Franklinville NJ (Gloucester County), replacing a classic Wawa store at the same location on Delsea Drive

The Grand Opening for the Franklin Township store was last Thursday, Dec 15th and was announced via a Facebook event.

I had all intentions of attending but man it was raining really hard that day! I mean.. I’m not made of sugar bit its a but of a drive from my home base in Deptford, Ha!

But it seems MANY folks made it out though, and the Franklin Township website has a nice article with photos about the event.

Mayor Bruno, Deputy Mayor Deegan and Committeewoman Petsch-Wilson were all in attendance, as were members of the Franklin Twp Police and Fire Departments who battled in a “Wawa Shorty Building” competition.

Plenty of room for coffee and coffee varieties at the new Franklinville NJ Wawa on Delsea Drive

Wawa Store and Gas, Rightly Sized

To make room for the new larger Wawa building and gas pumps, a few properties which sat behind the old classic Wawa were purchased and cleared, to enlarge the Wawa property.

That being said this is one of the smaller sized new Wawas, clocking in at 4,800 sq ft when typically there are around 5,500 sq ft.

But don’t fret, they’ve been able to pack in all the same Wawa goodness with a large coffee bar area, food and hoagie are, snacks, drinks and more. Honestly no one but me will notice this. Ha!

Snacks, drinks, coffee, and hoagies.. what more could you need in life? The new Wawa on Delsea Dr in Franklinville NJ

They still have a large area allocated to the cash registers with a large two-sided island register (with two self checkout areas) and a second register where the cigarettes and other smoking related products are.

This is actually my third post on this Wawa and I didn’t even cover the original approval.

My second post back in September was because my brain was melted when in just a 5 week span the construction crews went from a simple concrete pad in place to having the core building shell and gas canopy constructed!

It can take years to get a new Wawa approved, but once those crews show up on site they sure can move fast!

Well the Wawa is open 24 hours for your coffee and beef jerky cravings, and also a new Dollar General also opened earlier this year about 3 miles up Porchtown Rd.

The new Wawa in Franklinville at a prime location on Delsea Drive and Porchtown Rd opened December 15, 2022.

Links and Location

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2515 Route 47
Franklinville NJ


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