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New SignPros Headquarters Rises on Black Horse Pike Glendora

New SignPros Headquarters Rises on Black Horse Pike Glendora
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SignPros of Glendora NJ has been at their current location since 1993, and they are currently building a new headquarters building on the Black Horse Pike directly next to their existing building.

This new construction will be a replacement for the existing building which sits next to the closed Walgreens drug store.  Once the new and taller SignPros headquarters building is completed, the existing SignPros building will be demolished and developed into the parking lot for employees and customers.

This facility will support all aspects of the sign business including fabrication, retail sales, equipment and vehicle storage, as well as offices for employees and retail sales.

(Note I am aware that people were recently seen inside the closed Walgreen’s. I can’t find anything signed on yet, and wonder if it was simply workers clearing out shelving)

SignPros Glendora is building a new Headquarters directly next to their existing location.

To make room for the new construction, SignPros purchased an adjacent lot which previously held a small insurance office.  That building and a second smaller building were demolished prior to the construction.

SignPros is a very accomplished signage company with the capabilities to develop basically any type of commercial signage from traditional lighted cabinets, sandblasted and carved signs, monument signs, interior signs and lettering, and even LED board signs.

Examples at their website show signage for area businesses such as Kid Rips Tap and Tavern, Black Horse Diner, Big Kahuna Water Park, Club Diner and more. (Dozes of examples at the site, actually)

SignPros Glendora – Zoning Approved January 2023

In January of 2023, SignPros presented their plans to the Gloucester Township Zoning Board looking for full approval to develop on the property.    

There was a variance approval required to confirm that the project was acceptable for the lot.

The Zoning for the lot already had allowed the operation of general service and repair shops including carpenter, cabinet making, furniture repair, plumbing and related shops. The applicants attorney clarified that creating signage for commercial businesses was almost identical to those allowed business use cases, particularly cabinet making.

The Zoning Board approved that use variance, along with the full construction approval.

The new SignPros Glendora building rises on the Black Horse Pike next to their existing building. The (now closed) Walgreen’s is located directly next to the SignPros property.

Today the full shape of the new building is fully evident as the steel structure is in place and construction crews work on the exterior walls.

While the new structure is as tall as a two-story building, it is actually classified as a one story building with a mezzanine.

SignPros ownership stated at the Zoning Board meeting that after 30 years in the business they had realized what worked and didn’t work for them in regards to their facility, and they wanted to design a new headquarters that better accommodated the business operations.

The new SignPros building rises on the left, and the old building will be demolished once completed

One aspect would be a building with a higher ceiling, so that they could bring their equipment and trucks inside at night… including two small cranes.

Effectively the building is a small warehouse featuring a taller ceiling to accommodate the higher cranes, with a smaller front corner segment allocated for the offices. I mezzanine would be above the offices.

Having the offices and larger interior space will allow the full SignPros of Glendora operation to run more efficiently.

Links and Location

SignPros of Glendora
1215 N Black Horse Pike
Glendora, NJ