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Mt Ephraim’s The Spread Tavern completely new rebuild!

Mt Ephraim’s The Spread Tavern completely new rebuild!
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For decades it was a local pub with loyal customers but never known as a “go to place”, but that will change this year when The Spread opens on the site of Mt Ephraim’s Spread Eagle Tavern along Kings Highway.

The old Spread Eagle was taken over by new owners, and instead of just polishing up the old bar… They completely demolished it and are in the later stages of a full rebuild.   We stopped by now that the walls are up to get a solid representation of the new building.

The bar sits right up on the corner, appears to include a outdoor covered seating area along the side… And some parking on the lot, which will be interesting when the tavern opens and pulls in a large crowd of people wanting to check it out.  (The Brooklawn Diner folks are still scrambling to keep up with their start up customer volume!)

No word on opening date yet.

Mt Ephraim is not in my normal coverage area but it’s close enough and this is the type of business opening that has people saying “hey did you hear?”  🙂