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Mochiatsu Glassboro is Open! Mochi Donuts, Korean Hot Dog and Boba Drinks

Mochiatsu Glassboro is Open! Mochi Donuts, Korean Hot Dog and Boba Drinks
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Mochiatsu Glassboro opened this week, featuring freshly made mochi donuts, crispy coated Korean hot dogs, and boba tea drinks!

They are located in a small strip mall on Delsea Drive(Rt 47) across from Matt Blatt Mitusbishi dealership and about a block away from the monarch diner.

Mochiatsu Glassboro is now OPEN! Mochi Donuts, Korean Hot Dogs an Boba Drinks!

Their signature item at Mochiatsu are their Mochi Donuts, which is a unique ring shaped donut made with rice flour, which gives it a light crispy outer coating and a fluffy soft inside… almost like a funnel cake.

The donuts look like a connected ring of round ball munchkins donuts… so you can eat like a donut or easily break off pieces to share.

And the Mochiatsu donuts are incredibly fresh and made every day in the store.  During my visit I hung out for a short bit and saw the kitchen team bring out fresh doughnuts several times!

Mochiatsu Mochi Donuts – Glassboro

Another featured item at Mochiatsu are their Korean hot dogs, which are similar to the American corn dog except the Korean variety uses a rice based flour which gives the coating a crispy outer shell, with a softer interior.

Wrapped underneath the tasty crispy outer shell is of course the hot dog, but also you can order with a delicious cheesy mozzarella in the mix.  They also offer different flavor toppings including Cheetos, which I adventurously tried.

Mochiatsu Glassboro is now OPEN! Mochi Donuts, Korean Hot Dogs an Boba Drinks!

A variety of Boba Tea Drinks make up the menu’s third category which included fruit iced tea, fruit green tea, milk tea and a variety of toppings including boba, leechi Jelly and mango or strawberry popping bubbles.

This area of Glassboro is getting a lot of attention as a new Liscio’s Retail Store and Bakery is under construction across the street (in the former Save-A-Lot), a Chick-Fil-A was approved to be developed in the center of the parking lot, and across the street Desimonne Construction is building a new headquarters.

Delicious Mochiatsu Glassboro Korean Hot Dog… with Cheetos coating!

Glassboro Delsea – Mochiatsu Mochi Donuts and More!

The Delsea Drive small strip center where Mochiatsu Donuts is now open, is home to several businesses including the Bosphorus Mediterranean cuisine restaurant and the El Mariachi Mexican restaurant. Mochiatsu will add to the international flair of the shopping center!

42Freeway first wrote about Mochiatsu back in July 2023.  The space was previously a Cricket mobile phone store.

Mochiatsu Glassboro is now OPEN! Mochi Donuts, Korean Hot Dogs an Boba Drinks!

Today the space is completely remodeled with a bright and festive interior appearance.

The ordering and preparation counter is to the back left of the building and there’s plenty of room for customer seating as well as space to stand while ordering.

Similar to a traditional donut shop, the donut varieties are on display behind the counter protected by glass. See what you like, and order! At Mochiatsu though the donuts are positioned right up on the counter behind the glass, so you can see exactly what you are ordering.

Mochi donuts, at Mochiatsu Glassboro

The boba drinks and Korean hot dogs are prepared to order, so keep in mind that they could take several minutes to prepare.

The signature mochi donuts are $2.99 each and $16.99 for half a dozen.

I picked up a half dozen, even though it’s just my wife and I at the house now… I’ll soon be reaching out the neighbors to give one a try!

Mochi donuts, at Mochiatsu Glassboro

The donuts appear to have a common base donut, which is a delicious almost funnel cake like texture and taste… but maybe slightly more dense than funnel cake.

On top they add their delicious and colorful frosting toppings, which typically include another element such as a white striping, or even a marshmallow piece or cookie!

With flavors like blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, s’mores and more… a box of six will definitely look like a colorful, festive and delicious selection!

Mochiatsu Glassboro

Since it was lunchtime I also grabbed a Korean hot dog… and went “all the way” in getting a Cheetos covered hot dog… Well I went with the #11 which is Cheetos ½ and Mozzarella ½.

The hot dogs are very tasty and crispy… although next time I try one of the other 15 varieties! The Cheetos were awesome but made for a messier bite!

For this visit I did not try their boba tea but, they offer a full menu built around fresh delicious ingredients.

Mochiatsu Glassboro

Mochiatsu – Glassboro (Now Open!)
524 Delsea Dr
Glassboro NJ 08028