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Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique Pitman.  Innovative Products and Education     

Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique Pitman.  Innovative Products and Education     
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Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique opened in Pitman last fall, and the Uptown Broadway store may be the area’s only retail store focused on breastfeeding products and education!

It’s an innovative and unique store… but at the same time, after visiting you’ll think “why didn’t someone think of this before?”.

You can imagine the store being a regular shopping place for moms, families and their friends.. a perfect place to visit for to shop for a baby shower too!

Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique is open in Pitman NJ! Products and Education!

While the theme stays within breastfeeding related products, you may be surprised they also offer lactation snacks and teas!

And realizing the entire breastfeeding experience can be challenging for mom, the infant, and the whole family.. Milk & Lavender offers monthly classes as well as visits from experts, including a lactation consultant scheduled on Wednesday January 31st.

The business is owned by Sicklerville couple Kelly (who is a NICU nurse) and her husband Tom.

Sicklerville resident Kelly is a NICU nurse, who after seeing the challenges Moms and Infants face finding breastfeeding products and learning experiences, created Milk & Lavender in Pitman

Kelly recognized through her experience working with infants and new moms in the hospital, that with so many changes taking place with the family, there really wasn’t a one stop shop for breastfeeding products AND knowledge in the area…  so Kelly and her husband came up with the idea for Milk & Lavender.

The store is located directly in Pitman’s Uptown district on Broadway, almost directly across from the Broadway Theater and Martini’s Restaurant and Bar.

Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique in Pitman offers a variety of breastfeeding products, snacks and more!

It’s a very smart location choice for a breastfeeding boutique, as Pitman offers a variety of restaurants and stores… as well as being a very “walkable” downtown… you can see mom’s and family’s pushing strollers through the town and enjoying a delicious meal at restaurant such as the beautiful Milkweed or shopping at one of the many clothing stores including the “changes every week” Chosen by Stephanie.

Keep reading and scrolling to learn more about the products and Monthly Classes and more! Follow on Facebook for latest!

Milk & Lavender – Products

Milk & Lavender features a variety of products that you would expect from a breastfeeding boutique, such as breast pumps and associated accessories.

But they also offer a wider variety of items including baby wrap carriers, snacks, and the very popular Breastmilk Chiller… which Kelly tells me is a very popular, yet difficult to find item.  In my visit two weeks ago she had them right on the shelves! Perfect for working moms, traveling or just at home!

The Breastmilk Chiller is keeps breastmilk cold.. but its a HOT product! And carried at Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique in Pitman NJ!

The also carry Ninni Pacifiers which are said to be the best pacifiers… twice as soft and designed to mimic actual breastfeeding movements.

And I think this would be surprising to many that there are snacks and food products developed for breastfeeding moms!

A very popular and delicious snack is “Bessie’s Best Lactation Ranch Pretzels”!

Ninni Pacifiers are the best pacifiers on the market… and available at Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique in Pitman NJ

They also carry a lactation brownie mix, lactation cookies, and even teas! There’s also some fun gift ideas for mom Including coffee cups and more!

Kelly really enjoys working with moms and infants, and an nice bonus to he business is that many of the products she sells are mom-based businesses.  She calls them “mom-trepenuers”…  moms with young children who recognized from their own experiences that there were gaps in the mom/breastfeeding marketplace… and created their own products to fill that need! Products you can find at Milk & Lavender!

Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique – Open in Pitman

Milk & Lavender – Breastfeeding Education

The other aspect of Milk & Lavender is to offer education… helping mothers with breastfeeding and associated concerns.

Milk & Lavender offers monthly classes, as well as special visits from lactation experts, product reps and more.

On January 31st at 6:30pm, Peggy Koen from “Solutions for Breastfeeding” will be onsite to answer your questions! She is a very experienced lactation consultant!

Education is a big part of the Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique Pitman Offering. Monthly classes and special expert visits

Also, earlier this month Milk & Lavender announced the start of their monthly “Power Pumpers” breast pumping class.! Over the year the classed will address additional related topics.   The January class already took place on the 18th, but follow along with their Facebook page for details on upcoming classes!

Milk and Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique is proud to announce our monthly classes on breastfeeding and postpartum life … We understand the challenges new mothers face and are excited to offer expert guidance and support during this important time. Our classes will cover topics such as proper latching, milk supply, and self-care for new mothers. Join us for an informative and empowering evening. We look forward to seeing you there!

Milk & Lavender Breastfeeding Boutique – Pitman NJ

Milk & Lavender
48 S Broadway
Pitman NJ, 08071


Winter Hours

  • Sun-Tues: Closed
  • Wed-Thurs: 10am-6pm
  • Fri-Sat: 10am-8pm