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Masso’s Deli & Pizzeria Gibbsboro Closed. Car Wash Discussed For Property

Masso’s Deli & Pizzeria Gibbsboro Closed.  Car Wash Discussed For Property
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The beloved Masso’s Deli & Pizzeria in Gibbsboro officially closed yesterday. The ice cream stand closes a week later on August 28th, 2022.

A car wash development has been discussed for the site but an official application has not been submitted yet. It is expected to come in a few months.

The property is located at 11 Lakeview Dr N, Gibbsboro, NJ 08026. This is close to the Paintworks Corporate Center and lake.

Many learned just this week that Masso’s was closing when they announced it on Facebook and put a sign in the window.

That notice was made August 19th announcing the closing was happening in 3 days! (Yesterday)

Masso’s is moving so fast on this closure that they are already starting the equipment sale. Starting at noon today and running into Tuesday!

The Masso’s property in Gibbsboro NJ The Deli/Pizzeria have close. Ice Cream stand closed Aug 28. A car wash is being discussed for the property.

Directly next to the Masso’s property is a new “Super” Wawa with gas pumps opened which opened somewhat recently. This Gibbsboro Wawa was approved, developed and opened in record time!

Wawa is famous for their hoagies and sandwiches, but most would argue Wawa could not match the quality of a local deli like Masso’s.

But one has to assume the convenience of Wawa’s setup, product selection and gas where contributing factors in Masso’s closing.

I would also imagine that the car traffic heading into Wawa is also what attracted a Car Wash developer to the Masso’s property.

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Sign on the window of Masso’s Deli and Pizzeria Gibbsboro NJ announced their quick closing last week.

Masso’s Deli – A Local and Kelly Ripa Favorite!

Every community has their beloved “They are the best” place to get casual food and sandwiches.

As an example in Bellmawr that place is Carmen’s. Glendora has Larry’s Deli.

And in the area of Gibbsboro/Voorhees and further… Masso’s Pizzeria and Deli for decades has been the go to place for delicious quick bites at really great prices!

Plus they also operated a popular ice cream stand on the property.

The Masso’s property in Gibbsboro NJ The Deli/Pizzeria have closed.

A few years ago Masso’s was sold to Sam Vella but the beloved eatery never skipped a beat… Masso’s continued to offer the same high quality deli items and prepared food that locals loved for decades.

Television star Kelly Ripa grew up in Berlin NJ, and just 2 years ago on her national TV show “Live with Kelly and Ryan (Seacrest)” she gave a big shout out to Masso’s!

The Courier-Post has that story and the Masso’s Facebook page has the clip.

Kelly and Ryan were discussing that it was National French Fry Day and Kelly shared with viewers and Ryan how Masso’s mozzarella french fries were her absolute favorite!

“My girlfriends and I would leave high school… we could sign out a little early, cause we were Seniors… we would go to Masso’s deli and get mozzarella cheese fries. Which were basically a platform for mozzarella cheese…. and then make it home in time to watch General Hospital”

Kelly Ripa on TV Show “Kelly and Ryan” in 2020

Owner Sam Vella stated to the Courier at that time they offered a variety of cheese fries, and they were a top seller.

Masso’s has been a South Jersey staple for over 40 years. In that time they had grown into being a full deli, pizzeria, market and ice cream stand!

They even offered “heat & eat” food prepared foods as well as grocery items.

Masso’s Ice Cream stand is open through this week and closes August 28, 2022.

Masso’s Closing Was a Shock to Many

As mentioned, just a few days ago Masso’s broke the news to their adoring fans on Facebook.

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for 40+ great years.
We have officially decided to close our doors effective Sunday, August 21st (Pizzeria) and Sunday, August 28th (Ice Cream and Custard).
We appreciate the support from all of you and the friendships made along the way.

Masso’s Deli & Pizzeria Gibbsboro. Facebook Aug 22, 2022
42Freeway visited Masso’s Deli Gibbsboro on the last day of being open.

That post on Facebook currently has over 300 comments filled with local fans expressing how saddened they are by the closing!

In those comments some folks recalled memories of going to Masso’s as a child and their favorite food items “delicious breakfast sandwiches and grilled cheese specials”.

The amazing staff who were called out numerous times by name, thanked, and told they would be missed!

Masso’s Equipment Sale

After the final shift last night, Masso’s shared news of the equipment sale on Facebook.

Restaurant equipment for sale Monday and Tuesday only. 11 North Lakeview Drive, Gibbsboro. Doors open at noon tomorrow and is first come first serve. Cash only.

Masso’s Deli Facebook

So it’s clear they are moving fast to close and clear out the property.

Masso’s Deli/Pizza in Gibbsboro NJ is closed and very quickly moved into “equipment sale” mode.

Car Wash For Masso’s Property Gibbsboro

The August 9th Gibbsboro Planning Board agenda lists the item as “Concept Plan”.

The agenda summary as follows:

Applicant: Gibbsboro Car Wash LLC/Ed Henry
Owner: Vella Group LLC
Project: Installation of a car wash
Address: 11 North Lakeview Drive

We spoke to a Gibbsboro Town representative who is familiar with the Car Wash discussion at the Planning Board meeting.

Simply this is not an official application yet.

The developer wanted to review with Planning the idea of developing a car wash on the Masso’s property, ahead of a formal application.

Overview drone view of the Masso’s property. It is next to a new Wawa and is being discussed as a home to a new car wash.

The town representative felt the outcome of the discussion was favorable enough that they expected the car wash developer to submit a formal application for Planning Board review in subsequent months.

One possible reason for this conceptual review is… well based on how Masso’s then moved quickly to close and sell their equipment soon after that Planning review… maybe the property sale closing is happening soon and the developer wanted to get some confirmation from the town before taking ownership of the property.

The owner is still listed as Vella Group on the application (which is Masso’s) but the applicant name includes Ed Henry.

A quick search shows us that Ed Henry operates a car wash in Kennett Square called “Go Green N’ Clean”

While we aren’t clear yet if the brand will be the same, or the style will be similar… I’ll add that the Kennett Square property is a very nice looking Car Wash trying to be a part of the community. Last Halloween they hosted Haunted Car Washes!

This car wash in Kennett Square PA is owned by the developer who is planning a car wash for Gibbsboro NJ on the former Masso’s lot. Planning submission has not taken place yet.

Links and Locations

Masso’s Deli, Pizzeria and Ice Cream
11 Lakeview Dr N, Gibbsboro, NJ
New Jersey

Deli/Pizzeria are CLOSED. Ice Cream closed Aug 28

Masso’s Facebook Page

Car Wash For Property.

Details to come

Masso’s Deli and Pizza is now closed. A new Wawa can be seen directly behind the deli.
Masso’s Ice Cream stand closes August 28th.