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K-9 Kakes Offers Delicious Love For Furry Friends

K-9 Kakes Offers Delicious Love For Furry Friends
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Happy Valentine’s Day!  As you share cards and treats with loved ones, don’t forget your furry little buddies and pick them up a treat at K-9 Kakes on Cross Keys Rd. in Gloucester Township.

Your little tail-wagging friend will really appreciate it, and the whole family will be excited too!

So K-9 Kakes has been around for more than a few years, and around the start of the pandemic they quietly moved to a brand new store on Cross Keys Rd… But I missed reporting about it at the time! (The were previously across the street in the “classic” Wawa shopping center)

So I am doing a little bit of catch-up.. and I thought today was a perfect day to share my experience of visiting K-9 Kakes!

The are located on Cross Keys Road directly behind the Friendly’s.

K-9 Kakes on Cross Keys Rd in Gloucester Twp offers in-store baked deliciousness!

Guys, I suggest on your way home today stop at Wine Warehouse (same building) for a bottle of wine to share with your special someone, and then walk down to K-9 Kakes and grab something for your significant other’s furbaby.

Trust me the dog treats will go over better than the wine!

K-9 Kakes are open today until 6:00 PM and will reopen on Wednesday at 10:00 AM. Don’t worry, Rover doesn’t know what day it is so if you come home later this week with a treat they’ll be just as excited.

42Freeway’s “Dyson” can’t wait to dig into delicious treats from K-9 Kakes on Cross Keys Rd in Gloucester Twp!

Visiting K-9 Kakes

I stopped in last week at K9-Kakes for the first time and enjoyed my visit meeting with Dee Dee who helped me fill a Valentines box with several delicious choices for our giant “grizzly bear” black lab.

(I thought I’d have this online over the weekend, as of today they are out of Valentine boxes but they do have some larger baskets left)

The bakery is owned by mom and daughter team Dee Dee and Chelsea, who run the shop and bake everything on site!  Beloved husband and father “Dave the Baker”, who was a very well known personality in the store… sadly passed away in 2021.

So a few immediate awesome takeaways from my experience.

Literally the first thing I said as I walked through the doors “wow it smells so good in here”.

I mean I didn’t try any of the treats myself but it really smells like the family could branch off and start a traditional “human” bakery with their amazing skills!

Biscuits in a variety of styles and flavors at K-9 Kakes on Cross Keys Rd in Gloucester Twp

Second thing is, it’s just a nice friendly atmosphere inside the bakery.

Bright and spacious with a variety of baked items to choose from.  Plus there is plenty of room for you to bring your furry friends into the store and visit while you pick out treats… without worrying about them knocking things over.

And the third thing which pleasantly surprised me about K-9 Kakes is I was blown away about the variety of items that they have!

A Huge Variety at K-9 Kakes!

Look it could be argued that a dog is not gonna really know the difference between one treat or the other, but the family is really looking at your furbaby as a little human and not only are they offering a huge variety of flavors in the recipes… they also have an incredible variety of different styles and designs.

Some items are behind glass cases, but others are set up on display tables.

There is such a variety that Dee Dee came up with an idea for a coded system for the biscuits, where she has little embossed imprints that she can press into the back of the treats before baking, so they know item and pricing when it comes time to check out.

There are over 20 different flavors of in-store bake dog treats in this one case.. K-9 Kakes on Cross Keys Rd in Gloucester Twp.

I imagine flavors and styles can change daily, but as an example just looking at my one photo of one display case they were offering cookies in the following flavors; cheddar apple cinnamon, peanut butter pumpkin, Raspberry vanilla, pumpkin with peanut butter chips, raspberry banana, toll house cookie, Reese’s peanut butter cup cookie with carob chips, pumpkin banana dipped, mixed Berry dipped, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, craisin apple cinnamon, apple cinnamon snow caps, Raspberry snowcap, P B meltables, donut vanilla (with a variety of decorative styles) , peanut butter squirrels, half dipped wolf bones, vanilla cupcakes, strawberry banana, peppermint vanilla .

So I think I need to repeat this.. that large list is just ONE display cabinet!  Twenty one different varieties!

Then in one of the front display tables there were a variety of biscuits in different styles such as twist and donut holes… Flavors including chicken and cheese, beef and cheese, peanut butter banana and more.

They even go as far as to make really beautiful decorative cookies, and in my visit they were showcasing owls flavored as chicken, beautifully decorated stars, paw prints, footballs, and chicken biscuits shaped like little kitties.

I mean they make it as much fun for the owner and children as the dogs will find it delicious.

K-9 Kakes on Cross Keys Rd in Gloucester Twp offers in-store baked deliciousness!

While I didn’t get a chance to ask a lot about the baking process, it’s very clear it’s done right in the store as they are using a “California Concept” open kitchen model. You can see the entire baking process.

In my visit the Baker was working hard creating more treats, and I really apologize that I did not ask who that was… I’m assuming it was Chelsea?!

So again I realize it’s Valentine’s Day so if you can’t get over today that’s fine, but dogs appreciate a delicious treat any day of the week.

Plus with some warmer weather coming, K-9 Kakes would be a fun place to bring your furbabies over with the kids in tow… to pick out the most delicious treat for your beloved furry buddy,

Links and Location

K-9 Kakes
649 Cross Keys Road Suite 14
Sicklerville NJ



Hours (as listed on Facebook)

  • Tuesday-Saturday 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday: 12 noon – 5 pm
  • Monday: Closed