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Hudah Babylon Bagel & Restaurant Has Opened in Washington Township

Hudah Babylon Bagel & Restaurant Has Opened in Washington Township
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Hudah Babylon Bagel & Restaurant has opened in Washington Township, in the Hurffville-Cross Keys Road shopping center which is also home to Goodwill (as a point of reference).

During the day Hudah Babylon is a full bagel shop offering fresh made-in-store bagels served with a variety of spreads and hot sandwiches.

Starting with lunch in to dinner they become a Middle-Eastern restaurant serving kebabs, gyros, shawarma, pastas, quesadillas, and even pastas!

The family are natively from Iraq and today live in the immediate area of Blackwood/Washington Twp. The menu does feature some of their own cultural food items, but they also include popular items from other countries and pasta, burgers and cheesesteaks!

Hudah Babylon is open in Washington Township. Located in the Goodwill center on Hurffville-Crosskeys. Currently a banner is in place for signage ahead of a more permanent one.

42Freeway stopped in this morning and had a delicious breakfast sandwich made on a fresh everything bagel, and spoke a short bit with one of the family members.

The shopping center is called Cherry Tree Commons. Hudah Babylon is located next to East Coast Salon Services and a couple doors down from Yoshimoto 2.

Hudah Babylon is open in Washington Township. Located in the Goodwill center on Hurffville-Crosskeys. Washington Township High School and Jefferson Hospital are close

Breakfast and Made-In-Store Bagels!

Hudah Babylon opened a few weeks ago but for the first few weeks they focused on the bagel portion of the restaurant.

As mentioned they make bagels right in the restaurant! Can’t get fresher than that!

In the refrigerator case at the counter they offered a variety of cream cheese flavors to add your bagel… from sweet to savory!

One delicious flavor that grabbed my attention for its beautiful coloring was the strawberry cream cheese. Next it was a Walnut cream cheese!

Their menu lists 11 different cream cheese varieties where they are taking a base cream cheese and creating their own unique flavors.

Bagels are made in the store! This is the delicious bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel sandwich I had this morning.

You can also do much more with your bagel.. breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

The menu offers options such as Chicken Salad, Turkey and Cheese, and even omelets on a bagel.

And of course you can get a tasty traditional breakfast bagel sandwich. This morning I had a bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel.

Middle-Eastern Lunch/Dinner Starts Tomorrow July 20th

Tomorrow is the next big step for the restaurant when they start their middle-eastern lunch and dinner offerings.

The menu blends popular food items from several Middle-east/Mediterranean cultures.. with a big dose of American staples. There should be something for everyone!

Iraqi Kabob, Chicken Shish Kabab, Vegetarian Musaka, Lamb Chops and Mixed grill are a few of the entrée options.

Lunch and Dinner menu for Hudah Babylon in Washington Township

Kibbeh (grains, onions, meat) is offered in chicken or beef.

Sandwiches include Shawarma and Gyro (both with chicken and lamb options)

The even offer cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks and a… HOT CHEETOS BURGER?! Well I’ll have to go back and try that!

Actually there are several things I want to try! I am ready to learn!

Rounding out the variety of dishes are pasta… alfredo, meatballs, or shrimp! And then even quesadillas!

A full selection of appetizers and desserts are also available

Front counter at Hudah Babylon in Washington Township.

Links and Location

Hudah Babylon Bagel & Restaurant
475 Hurffville-Cross Keys Rd
Washington Township, NJ 08080

856-270-5463 , 856-270-5461

At this time they don’t have a website or Facebook.