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Gong cha Bubble Tea is Now Brewing Happiness in Runnemede NJ

Gong cha Bubble Tea is Now Brewing Happiness in Runnemede NJ
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Popular bubble tea franchise “Gong cha” has opened their latest location on Clements Bridge Rd (at Oakland Road) in Runnemede NJ, close to the Black Horse Pike intersection.

The new location is in the same shopping center as Rita’s Water Ice (directly next to them), and Cob Fathers is located directly across the street

Gong cha is an Asian tea establishment which uses the highest quality tea leaves and natural ingredients to create the freshest and healthiest drinks.

Gong cha has opened a new location Runnemede NJ featuring high-quality bubble teas!

Gong cha’s menu features a wide range of drinks, including Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, and other specialty drinks.

One of the most popular drinks at Gong cha is their Signature Milk Tea, made with a combination of black tea, fresh milk, and creamer. Customers can also choose from a variety of toppings, including tapioca pearls, grass jelly, and pudding.

All of their teas are brewed fresh throughout the day, and the signature bubble tea item ”pearls” are made fresh in the store continuously throughout the day,

This is their second location in South Jersey with another location opened in the Cherry Hill Mall about 18 months ago.  A location is also under development in Marlton, according to “A View From Evesham” Facebook

While they may be newer to our area they’re definitely not new to this business. They started out in 2006 in Taiwan and today have over 1800 locations in 20 countries!

The new Gong cha location in Runnemede is now open, and located directly next to Rita’s Water Ice on Clements Bridge Road (Near the Black Horse Pike)

Gong Cha Runnemede

The new Runnemede location for Gong cha just celebrated their Grand Opening weekend. They literally opened within the last week or so!

As mentioned they are located next to the Rita’s Water Ice and only about 700 feet from the Black Horse Pike. For travelers on the Black Horse Pike it should be a quick “off and back on” to grab a delicious fresh bubble tea for you and the family, and head back on your way!

The team at Gong cha did a great job remodeling the space. It’s a very attractive, calming décor.

The design offers plenty of counter space with three large digital menu screens, while still leaving room for plenty of seating in front.

The dining area offers four small tables and bench seating along the window, for approximately 15 persons.

A comfortable seating area awaits you at Gong Cha bubble tea in Runnemede NJ

The décor is earth tones with black lacquer chairs.

Attractive imagery adorns the walls including several large photos of their tea products, and a large mural centered around one of their slogans “Brewing Happiness”

The interesting diagram shows the variety of teas that they use as well as a map identifying the core tea growing zones for Gong cha.

The mood of the interior space was very relaxing and chill.

 in my visit i wanted to try something completely new (to me) so I tried a Creme Brulee Strawberry Latte!

It was a triple stacked beverage featuring a delicious strawberry flavor at the bottom, milk in the middle and a creme brulee froth at the very top. Oh and I added white pearls.

They are brewing happiness at Gong cha in Runnemede NJ. Delicious bubble teas!

But as mentioned they have a wide variety of drinks including milk teas, slushies, their creative series (which mixes in a variety of interesting ingredients) as well coffee and tea lattes.

And while I did not catch her name the woman that served me and made my drink today was just absolutely wonderful!

The Runnemede location is at 123 W Clements Bridge Rd and is open seven days a week from noon to 9:00 PM

Gong Cha – Global Growth

As mentioned Gong cha started in Kaohsiung, Taiwan back in 2006.

The name gong cha means “tribute tea for the emperor” which the owners chose to let customers know that they only offered a high quality product.

All of the teas are sourced from Taiwan to maintain the strictest quality controls, and then each location brews their own tea fresh every day.

Gong cha is known across the world for its signature milk foam which is a creamy, sweet and savory flavor balance with a whipped texture… and each drink’s milk foam it’s handcrafted for every customer!

I am looking forward to stopping back in to the Runnemede location and trying one of their many other delicious drinks!

Gong cha bubble tea is now open in Runnemede NJ

Links and Location

Gong cha – Runnemede
123 W Clements Bridge Rd Unit 113b
Runnemede, NJ 08078

Open noon to 9pm every day