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Deptford IHOP Approved 8 Years Ago May Have a Second Chance at Being Developed

Deptford IHOP Approved 8 Years Ago May Have a Second Chance at Being Developed
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First approved almost 8 years ago, a planned but never developed IHOP restaurant  for Deptford appears to be getting a second chance at being developed, with a new design and additional tenants being identified.

That being said this is very early in the second attempt for this IHOP project, and it likely needs to be treated as an all new project requiring a new Planning Board hearing. It appears there are no meetings for this project scheduled with the Township as of yet.

If you are unfamiliar with IHOP, it is casual restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner.. but as indicated by the name acronym “International House of Pancakes”, the restaurant is most known for their amazing breakfast menu.

The location for the second-chance planned IHOP would be at the same property as it was approved for in 2016… the large undeveloped lot directly next to Chick-fil-A which is off to the side of the larger Lowe’s parking lot area. The Deptford Lowe’s, Chick-fil-A and the planned IHOP are all along Clements Bridge Road at Locust Grove.

MANY 42Freeway fans should be happy about this new hope for an IHOP in Deptford, as in my 10 years of writing this may be the most asked about “when is it coming” projects I’ve covered.  Although with almost 8 years gone by… the mentions have reduced significantly in recent years.

So frequent where the questions asking about its status, that three years later in 2019 I had to put up an update article and video just to say “guys, IHOP ain’t coming anytime soon!”

Back in 2016, the South Jersey based IHOP franchise owner purchased this property for $1.5 million.

IHOP and a mult-unit building planned for Deptford. (Image: Google Maps)

Deptford IHOP – Second Chance

The lot for the proposed IHOP is approximately twice as large (2 acres) as the Chick-fil-A property next to it. With that additional space the developers are planning on building an almost 18,000 square foot multi-unit building, which appears it will be positioned to face the side access road into Lowe’s (from Locust Grove Boulevard).

IHOP will take 4,800 square feet in the end unit closest to Lowe’s, and an additional 13,070 square feet is available for lease by other tenants. Those tenants (if there are any signed on) have not been identified publicly. The Deptford IHOP size would be very similar to the existing location in Williamstown, which is a 4,900 square feet.

The new IHOP project would have a driveway access off of the access road, as well as an driveway access point which would be shared with Chick-fil-A. The Deptford Chick-fil-A recently completed a full remodel with a big emphasis on the drive-thru experience. In my few visits since the reopening it does appear that the drive-thru customer backups which would impact the main entrance off of Clements Bridge Road, have been resolved.

IHOP Restaurant Cross Keys Road Williamstown (Image: Google Maps)

This initial information comes from the leasing firm hired to find the other tenants for the planned building, as those unapproved plans are available online.

I further confirmed this story by speaking to a representative of the South Jersey based IHOP franchise operator, who confirmed that the project is back on again after an almost eight-year delay. It also seems there’s been interest from businesses looking to lease out the remainder of the building.

While my conversation with the representative had a very positive tone to it regarding the status of the project, and having interest is in the additional space are both excellent signs… keep in mind this is VERY early in the project (Part 2).

At this time I have no details on when the IHOP project would be  present to Deptford for approvals.   I had a chance to speak to a Deptford Township official who is familiar with the upcoming Planning and Zoning meetings, and IHOP does not appear to be scheduled.

I almost didn’t want to share this with readers as I know 6 weeks from now the messages will start “Hey, what’s going on with IHOP”. 🙂

Links and Location

IHOP Deptford – Early Stages of Planning
1480 Clements Bridge Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096