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Deptford Eventure Center Brings Fun, Day Camp, Pickleball, Ice Cream and More to Former Skating Center.

Deptford Eventure Center Brings Fun, Day Camp, Pickleball, Ice Cream and More to Former Skating Center.
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The Deptford Eventure Center is bringing the kids and activities back to the former Deptford Skating Center building. Fun activities, Summer day camp as well as indoor pickleball for all ages!

The 22,000 square foot facility will also feature an indoor concession area, a variety of private party rooms, and an arcade game area.

The adjacent ice cream stand located outside the building is also ready to go, and is waiting on final approvals before opening to the public (hopefully in just a few weeks)!

Arctic Eventure Ice Cream Stand is expected to open in a few weeks!

But the big news is clearly the reopening of the former Deptford Skating Center building to be utilized for a variety of fun indoor activities of which many are targeted at kids… but will also have numerous options for adults such as indoor pickleball courts and team rentals.

For the last few years the building has been used as a warehouse for a water management product supply company.  That business has moved on to another location, making the property available for the South Jersey based ownership team who are looking to bring laughter and fun back into the building!

Last week I met with two of the partners, Tim and Chuck… who have an extensive background in the recreational and day camp space including many years working at the Gloucester County YMCA.

My visit was an amazing “memory jog of nostalgia” walking through the former Deptford Skating Center… a place where I probably first visited back in the 1970s!

The team is still in the remodeling stage so I agreed that I would not take any interior photos just yet. But I’ll return in a few weeks when the facility is closer to opening to capture photos and give readers a full experience review of the Deptford Eventure Center.

Keep reading on for more of what is planned, but be sure to follow them on Facebook where they will start posting regular updates. (Facebook)

Deptford Eventure Center

What a trip down memory lane for this “not as young as he used to be” news website guy!

My childhood goes way back before iPads, Computers, and Video Games when “go outside and do something” was a very common directive from Mom and Dad!

And in that mix of “Doing something meant DOING SOMETHIG” activities was a lot of time spent at roller skating centers in Echelon, Washington Township, Cherry Hill… but our main roller skating venue was definitely Deptford!

In my visit this week, so much of the space seems very familiar but things have definitely changed. When you get a chance to visit when they open to the public, you will likely find yourself saying “ohh that’s where the ticket booth was, and that’s where you picked up your roller skates, and wasn’t the concession stand over there instead of over here?”

Unfortunately one signature aspect of the building is no longer there… the wooden roller skating floor was removed prior to its short stint as a warehouse building.

But the team is putting in an all new multi-purpose floor which will allow the space to be utilized for a variety of indoor activities including basketball, indoor soccer, dodgeball, gaga courts, pickleball and more!

When the building was originally developed to support a roller skating rink the entire space was created without center columns (of course!), so while roller skating will not return…  the Eventure Center team is able to use that clear-span space to really make an awesome “multiple use” facility!

Chatting with Tim and Chuck it seems they have a very smart business model for the space which will allow it to target different groups of users based on the season and time of day.

Right now a prime goal is to have the facility ready for a summer day camp for children, Camp Eventure.

Party rentals will be available, particularly on the weekends. 

In the non-summer months indoor pickleball will be a key focus of the offerings, and throughout the year teams (or anyone) can rent the space for private competitions or practice.

Camp Eventure

Camp Eventure will provide comprehensive children’s camp programs which foster social, cultural, physical and emotional development of children.

The camp will provide a very broad experience to the children to encourage creativity, imagination as well as a variety of physical activities.

The Deptford Eventure Center website has a very good explanation of what they are offering with Camp Eventure… features, activities, times as well as day camp program cost… and even an online enrollment system is available.

Check out the website for more details but feel free to reach out to the team to gain additional information!

Likely a visit to the facility will be important to Mom & Dad, and the team is just a couple weeks away from inviting the public in.

And as I suggested… follow along with them at Facebook to keep up to date! (Facebook)

Links and Location

Deptford Eventure Center
510 Deptford Ave
Westville, NJ 08093