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Charleys Philly Steaks is Open in the Deptford Mall

Charleys Philly Steaks is Open in the Deptford Mall
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A new Charleys Philly Steaks restaurant has opened in the Deptford Mall food court. The location is next to Chick-Fil-A and Sakura.

Previously this spot was home to a Tony Luke’s location, which had closed a few years ago.

Charleys Philly Steaks in the Deptford Mall at its core is true to what we expect from a cheesesteak shop; cheesesteaks, fries and drinks.

Tasty steaks, French fries made from one ingredient, potatoes. And REAL Kraft Cheez Whiz for their “Old School” option . Life is good.

Charleys Philly Steaks is a national franchise chain with local locations also in the Cherry Hill Mall and Moorestown Mall.

They are also offering a $5 coupon if you download and register with their phone app. Details here

Charleys F

Philly Steaks : Familiar and Adventurous

But they’ve really upped their game in all three categories by offering unique varieties across the board. Of course they have the tradition cheesesteak in both beef and chicken.

But they also offer unique variations such as Chicken California which features provolone, ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato

Or how about a Chicken Buffalo sandwich with Buffalo wing sauce AND banana peppers?

Or Chicken Teriyaki?! Now we’re really putting out something new. Chicken, Swiss, Teriyaki Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayo and Pickles.

And since not everyone is meat lover, Charleys offers Veggie Delight which is a variety of all their fresh vegetables.

My steak was cooked very well, the roll was fresh, and the Cheez Whiz sauce that came with the Old School was smoking hot! So be careful, ha!

They are offered in three sizes and I went with Regular, which I found to be a perfect size for me.

One thing to note is they do not offer American cheese which I consider to be a top choice.

French Fries They Way Mother Nature Intended

I was a big fan of the Charleys French fries as they are made from potatoes… only potatoes. Take a potato, cut it and fry. No coating, flour, sugar… nothing. The way it should be.

As a side note, can someone explain to me why we’ve all been eating trench fries for 70 years made only from potatoes but all of a sudden restaurants want to coat them in breading or something? Why? But I digress…

So Charleys has original fries and of course cheese fries. CHEEZ WHIZ FRIES are offered with Old School fries.

Cheez Whiz is an important thing here. While I am up on my soapbox let me just say that if you own a restaurant and list Cheez Whiz on your menu but serve some yellow sauce from a warehouse club instead… ugh.

Sorry, these are the real important things to me! 🙂

Anyway, so Charleys gets adventurous with the french fries also offering Cheese & Bacon fries and Ultimate Fries

And their Ultimate fries have bacon, cheese sauce, and ranch dressing.

Old School May Be the Way To Go

So I may have lied. Or at least not told the whole story.

There is one more cheesesteak and fry option.

Old School. Which is how I ordered my cheesesteak.

The Old School Charleys Philly Steak is them paying homage to Passyunk Ave in Philly where cheesesteaks were invented.

The Old School steak features extra steak, CHEEZ WHIZ sauce & sautéed onions.

They also offer hot pepper relish on the side! (Although that shipment hadn’t come in when I visited)

At the Deptford Mall you can get the 9th Street sandwich experience without someone asking for change, or saying something bad about your mother.

The Old School fries bring that same delicious recipe… even the steak! Yes they are french fries with steak, Cheez Whiz, sauted onions and the optional hot pepper relish.

I didn’t get the old school fries but on my next visit I’m going for it!

Lemonade and Drinks!

And to wash it all down… sure they have sodas and water but the signature drink is the lemonade!

They have a variety of flavorings you can have added

I’ve eaten a LOT of cheesesteaks in my life. Heck I WORKED at Pat’s Steaks when they had a franchise location in Brooklawn NJ.

I enjoyed the sandwich. Fresh and tasty. Is it going to end up on Peter Genovese’s list of 30 best cheesesteaks in New Jersey? Ummm probably not, but that’s ok. 99.9% are not making that list.

But if you are in the area craving a cheesesteak, and definitely craving one while in the mall… give it try.

Links and Locations

Charleys Philly Steaks
1750 Deptford Center Rd #19
Deptford Township, NJ 08096

(609) 941-9936