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Brown’s Bargain Barn Opens Saturday in Glassboro.   Closeouts and Unique Bin-Table Discount Model

Brown’s Bargain Barn Opens Saturday in Glassboro.   Closeouts and Unique Bin-Table Discount Model
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Brown’s Bargain Barn opens Saturday in Glassboro NJ at the DoubleTree Plaza on Delsea Drive… the same shopping center as ALDI.

Brown’s offers an ever changing variety of discount deals with retailer and manufacturer close-outs, as well as their signature “Bargain Bins” tables with their unique discount pricing model which has customers waiting outside the door ahead of the opening each week!

Owner Joe Brown is a Glassboro resident who graduated from Glassboro High School!   He originally started the business in a much smaller space in Glendora, and is excited and proud to open the much larger version in his hometown.

And this is truly a family effort… working at the Brown’s Bargain Barn are Joe’s wife Wendi-Sue, and daughter Amber is the store manager. Also working at Brown’s are daughter Autumn and her husband Brett, Joe Jr and staff member Teresa… keeping the product moving in fast, and moving out faster.

Bargain Bins at Brown’s with the unique “lower price each day” offering are in the tables with the side walls. Bins!

The store was previously a Hallmark card store and while some of the outer perimeter wall elements remains from the card store it mostly has been stripped down to a large open space.

So as mentioned, I see two core models to the store, both based on new product merchandise.

Inventoried products surround the other perimeter and are close-outs from large retailers and distributors. Within the floor space are walled table “bins” which feature the unique price-gets-lower-each-day model.

I’ve visited Joe at his upcoming Glassboro twice now, and those who really appreciate finding a great deal are going to love his unique business “bins” business model. The Saturday morning yard sale shoppers will start adding Joe’s into their schedule each week!

Discounted merchandise with ticketed prices, not in the Bins pricing model

Brown’s Bargain Barn – Bargain Bin Tables

Brown’s Bargain Barn is working hard to increase their social media presence and are regularly doing in store videos…  stating they are most likely known for their Bin Tables.

The model is simple. The “bins” merchandise is all new product (or retailer returns) and arrives in a steady stream each week. The week starts on Saturday with an all new product selection which are sold through Tuesday. Then the team restocks with different product for the next Saturday.

Bin Table item pricing starts on Saturday at $7… and as the days progress the inventory for the week reduces and so does the pricing, eventually reaching $1 on Tuesday!

Many will try to outsmart their fellow shoppers “Should I grab this now at $7 or should I stop back on Monday and see if its still here… at $3!”

It’s a simple and smart business model which brings many customers back each week looking for the right time to pick up their deal!

Now keep in mind there are real deals on real products in the bins. It’s not loaded with small trinkets.

Joe says every week someone will pick up an item in a bin and tell him “you could sell this on eBay for $30 and here it’s priced at $7”… but he explains that he’s found success in a quick sale with higher volumes… and a no return policy.

Just think of the extra effort needed to sell things on eBay…  taking photos, writing up description and listing, haggling with people, packaging up and shipping, not to mention where to keep items as they sit online waiting for a buyer. 

The Brown’s Bargain Bin model skips all that.   Get new merchandise in, put it in the bins for Saturday, and start again fresh for the next week. Bing-Bang-Boom.

Plus the merchandise in the bargain bins tables are basically guaranteed to be new (or a major retailer return) as there is a Goodwill location in the same shopping center and Goodwill’s lease states that only they can sell used merchandise.

Joe’s staff checks every single item that comes in and if it’s not clearly a new/packaged item, he makes it available to Goodwill!

From my perspective, shoppers approach the bargain bins experience with two mindsets.

Very early on at the Saturday opening there’s likely to be some product options valued at much more than $7.00…  and customers will line up early ahead of the Saturday opening so that they can quickly maneuver through all of the bins looking for those deals.

Well honestly I bet that happens every day, as each day starts with a new lower price and certain items become “hot deals” with the new day’s pricing

And for the last day of the sale on Tuesday when everything is priced at dollar…  I bet the place is cleaned out!

The second strategy for shoppers that I see is simply the timing of when to pick something up?!

Maybe you see something on Saturday that’s a really nice item but think that maybe someone isn’t going to grab it at $7.00, and you’ll wonder if you stopped back on Sunday or Monday… could you get it cheaper? But what if I come back and it’s gone!?

One example that grabbed my attention was a Pepsi-Cola branded nostalgic bottle cap sign about 10 inches round.   I thought it would be a really cool thing to hang on the wall in a rec room or basement bar, but I also noticed there were a few scattered in the bins “hmm… I bet they all won’t sell on Saturday.  I wonder if I can back on Monday morning I could grab one at $3!?”

Brown’s Bargain Barn – Close-outs

As mentioned, around the outer perimeter and in a few other locations there are closeout deals where Joe and the team purchases quantities of single items directly from manufacturers and large retailers, who are looking to free up space in their own inventory.

Right now Brown’s features a variety of fun toys including bubble machines, office chairs and large hanging lamps. Joe said some of the lamps he has right now retail for over $250 and I believe he hasn’t priced at $35?

The close-out items are not part of the Bargain Bins pricing model and are more traditional inventoried items. While they will change over time, you may see many of the close-out items still offered in subsequent weeks.

Hours are:

  • Sat/Sun : 9am-5pm
  • Mon/Tues : 9am-3pm
  • Wed-Fri : Closed for restock

Links and Location

Brown’s Bargain Barn
Double Tree Shopping Center
834 N. Delsea DrGlassboro, NJ 08028