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The Brewed Awakening Café in Pitman is Open! Couple’s Gift To Their Hometown

The Brewed Awakening Café in Pitman is Open!  Couple’s Gift To Their Hometown
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The Brewed Awakening Cafe has opened in Pitman NJ, the dream of hometown residents Dan and Lymari who wanted to create a cafe that is as much a comfortable community gathering space as it is an amazing coffee shop.

And judging by the people I saw today “feeling at home” in the cafe, the couple clearly has succeeded!

In talking to Dan and Lymari, the desire to open the café and have it meet the needs of the community, feels like a gift to the town that they’ve called home for over 20 years!

Updated: They have posted their menu online!

Located in Pitman’s bustling Uptown retail and restaurant district, the Brewed Awakening Cafe has set up shop in a prime corner directly across from the popular Broadway Theater.

It’s a beautiful new interior which required the couple, along with friends and family, to take the space “down to the bare studs” before building up a beautiful and comfortable space which features two sections… the core coffee shop on the right half, and a bonus very comfortable seating area and event space on the left.

“Seating area” may not be the proper term… More like a large and cozy living room with a variety of comfortable seating options.

It’s truly the coffee shop that everyone in the Facebook town groups asks for regularly “Another Dollar Store?  Why can’t we get a cute locally owned coffee shop!?”

Pitman residents Lymari and Dan have opened The Brewed Awakening Cafe in their hometown of Pitman NJ

Serving delicious La Colombe coffees, espressos, cappuccinos and more… as well as freshly baked pastries… they are starting with hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

But with the hard work of permits, construction, staffing and opening the doors all completed, Dan and Lymari have plans for the future to build on the foundation they have today at The Brewed Awakening Cafe. 

Potential ideas include extending the menu, adjusting hours for the post theater show crowd with later evening product offerings, and maybe even menu items geared towards events… they even have the local runners who frequent Broadway in mind for future menu item changes!

They are also working on regularly scheduled themed “Arts” nights for the left-side casual space; Jazz, Storyteller and Art Showcase are solid contenders to find a home at The Brewed Awakening.

One example of their forward thinking ideas is right now the Broadway Theater is featuring Ragtime The Musical (through May 12th) and The Brewed Awakening Cafe is offering a special menu item “The American Dream”… which is a Salted Caramel Cold Brew with Dark Chocolate, Cold Foam and Topped with a Caramel Drizzle!

It’s an aptly named first choice for their special drink, as opening your own coffee shop in your hometown that you love… is truly an American Dream.

Be sure to follow them on Social Media to keep up with new offerings and specials! And keep scrolling for more.

The Brewed Awakening Cafe– Pitman

The Brewed Awakening is at the corner of South Broadway and 2nd Ave, in a space which was previously Lori’s Loft.

The exterior of the café has been fully refreshed with new paint, new main entry door and overhead entrance awning with “Brewed Awakening” imprinted on the front.

While the leftmost unit of the café retains is classic mid-century looking entrance, guests are directed to the use the doorway on the right side (at the corner) which leads directly into the main coffee shop area.

They only opened yesterday and in my mid-day visit there was an impressive amount of people spread out throughout the two spaces, as well as several people picking up orders to go.

Entering into the cafe, the two units retain their separate spaces with an doorway between the two, close to the front of the cafe.

The main coffee shop section has the counter and coffee prep area on the left side of the space, running along the center wall to the back. On the opposite wall, high-top seating and tables are positioned.

Additional seating areas are near the front entrance.

Orders are placed at the front of the counter, and it’s a smart design as many will likely want to pop in and grab a coffee, and head out on their days adventures… while those who want to stay will find many comfortable seating options.

Heading over the to left side, the vibe changes a bit… both sides are comfortable spaces that you could easily loose track of time in… but where the right side has crispness to it’s character perfect for conversations or working on a laptop, the left room takes on a softer tone and begs to be filled with quiet conversations or quieter thoughts.

While its one deep open space on the left half, the furniture placement seems to make for three distinct areas.

Two friends where sitting in the front seating area, enjoying their coffee and quiet conversation.

A young mom and her baby were in a chair in the middle section.

And in the back were two more people enjoying the peaceful space while keeping up with the world’s events on their phones.

Sometimes you want to be with friends. Sometimes you want to be alone. Sometimes you want to be alone, but feel like you have people around you.

I know just the place.

Links and Location

The Brewed Awakening Cafe
44 S Broadway
Pitman, NJ. 08071