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Bellmawr Super Wawa opens June 19

Bellmawr Super Wawa opens June 19
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The building looks amazing and it was clear that the opening would be soon.   I had even heard the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was planned… but sadly 42Freeway wasn’t invited to the party.  But that’s ok, as Wawa made it easy by posting the Grand Opening date on their website

Grand Opening June 19th.

  • 8:00am Store Opens
  • 10:00am Grand Opening

The ribbon cutting is at 10:00am anyway and I have a day job.  But I’ll be there at 8:00am when the doors open and pics will be online before the first speech.

But seriously, I had some concern for  what the final building would look like… too big, not as fancy, or too bright?  But the truth is, its a really nice looking addition to the area, seems perfectly sized for the block, and definitely looks better than the Luke Oil and Old Wawa combo.   Traffic?  I can’t speak for that.


Bellmawr Super Wawa at Night