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Aspen Dental Building Proposed for Cross Keys Winslow Township

Aspen Dental Building Proposed for Cross Keys Winslow Township
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An Aspen Dental office is proposed to be developed on Cross Keys Road on the Winslow side of the roadway, in front of the ShopRite supermarket.

The property sits directly next to the Fulton Bank on the corner, and is where a small building currently stands between the bank and the tall billboard.

To develop this dental facility that existing small office building will need to be demolished.

The plans call for a 3,525 square foot building to be developed offering driveway access from both Cross Keys Rd. and the shopping center.

An Aspen Dental new construction office is proposed for Winslow on Cross Keys Road. This building in the highlight would be demolished.

The billboard’s support pole technically is apart of this same property along the edge, and the design for the Aspen Dental parking area will accommodate the billboard support pole and transformer.

This project was first scheduled for the October Planning Board meeting, but looking at Winslow Township documents it appears that this hearing has not been completed.  The last piece of information I see is that they were expected to schedule for February, but I am not clear if this project is presenting then.

In November of 2022 we reported on another proposed project a few miles away from this one (in Gloucester township), which also appeared to be an Aspen Dental location. We are not clear on that status of that project.

Aspen Dental Cross Keys Road

The official address is 530 Berlin Cross Keys Rd. in Winslow Township New Jersey.

There is a billboard at the property which will remain and parking is being adjust to work with the billboard structures.

Site plan for Aspen Dental which is proposed for Winslow Township NJ on Cross Keys Road

The current building is a little more centered on the property with the driveway entrance to left, whereas the new construction Aspen Dental will be positioned to the front left edge of the property closer to the Fulton Bank, and traffic will enter on the right off of Cross Keys Road.

And as mentioned the plan is to have direct access from the Winslow Plaza shopping center.

If the proposed Aspen Dental facility is approved for Winslow on Cross Keys Road, this beige building would come down to make room for the all new construction.

There are a few variances requested as part of the requested full approval with most of them related to the property being just slightly smaller then requirements.

Items such as parking stall size, impervious coverage and set back requirements are a few of the items that require a variance approval.

Aspen Dental – 1,000 Locations and Growing

Aspen Dental was Founded in 1994 and according to online sources they currently have over 1000 locations throughout the United states.

Today they are the largest branded network of dental offices in the world, collectively serving more than 30,000 patients every day.

The business model is described as a franchise like setup with each practice owned and operated by a licensed dentist.

Each office is a full dental practice offering services from preventive dental care to more advanced services such as implants, dentures, emergency dentistry and their newer motto clear aligners.

Aspen Dental has over 1,000 locations in the US. The image above was taken in the Summer of 2022 of the new Cherry Hill NJ office, which is now open.

In our area an Aspen Dental opened recently in Cherry Hill on Haddonfield Rd., an additional location his plans for Burlington Township.

There also were plans for another location at the Voorhees Edge Fitness shopping center but I don’t know if that one is moving forward.

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