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Wild Fork Foods Coming to Cherry Hill

Wild Fork Foods Coming to Cherry Hill
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It was a weird site on Haddonfield Road last spring – brand new buildings housing a Trader Joe’s, Home Goods and TJ Maxx being constructed in the shadow of a similarly styled Pier One, which was closing.  Pier One closed last spring and has been empty since then, but has learned that Wild Forks Foods will soon call it home!  The former Pier One will be subdivided, with Wild Fork Foods creating a store of 3,543 square feet.

WildFork Youtube Channel

What is Wild Fork Foods?

It doesn’t appear there really is a comparison to make here, as it appears that Wild Fork has a unique business model.  “We set out to transform the way we shop for and consume meat.  By controlling every step of the process from farm to fork we ensure you get the highest quality, biggest selection and most consistent eating experience.”

Currently, there are only 8 Wild Fork locations – all in Florida. But the company specializes in ‘blast freezing’ meat, so consumers around the country can order frozen meat online to be delivered to their door. 

What is ‘blast freezing’? 

Blast freezing is a process of rapidly freezing meat, 10 times faster than the normal freezing process.  Typically, the slow process of freezing meat causes ice crystals to damage the cell walls of food, reducing the quality of meat.  With blast freezing, the rapid process does not allow large ice crystals to form, so when your meat is defrost, the quality of meat is much higher than your typical frozen meat.  At Wild Foods, they blast freeze at -40 degrees to maintain peak freshness.

And what a selection of meat Wild Fork offers!  While it has your typical cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb, it also has specialty meats – alligator, ostrich, yak, duck, bison, elk, venison, veal, rabbit, goat, octopus, calamari…. The list goes on!

Typical Wild Fork Store

The typical store is lined with freezers on the outer walls, with additional freezer cases in the aisles.  It is not like a typical supermarket – you won’t find paper products, cat food or vitamins – just meat and produce.

We will keep you updated as construction commences and let you know a opening date as soon as we find out!  Current schedules show construction is expected to start in late June, with completion in late September.