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Stratosphere Brewing Mt Holly Opened This Spring, Joining the Growing Craft Beverage Hotspot Town

Stratosphere Brewing Mt Holly Opened This Spring, Joining the Growing Craft Beverage Hotspot Town
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Stratosphere Brewing opened this Spring in Mount Holly, and soon after their opening I paid them a visit.

I caught up with owners Chris and Jason outside of the brewery during my visit where we chatted about their new brewery.

And my apologies guys for taking so long to get this online… but hopefully the delay works out in your favor by giving you an extra boost as we head into the summer months!

Stratosphere Brewing is located at 72 Washington St. in Mount Holly, in an older style former industrial building which they believe at one time was a textile business.

Stratosphere Brewing in Mount Holly opened this spring, joining a vibrant craft beverage area!

Downtown Mount Holly has become quite the adult beverage destination spot with Village Idiot, Spellbound and Stratosphere Breweries, the Train Wreck Distillery and the Iron Plow Winery Tasting Room!

There’s also a variety of restaurants and other bars in the area. I really need to spend more time in town for… you know, for my job!

So I’ll be back soon to visit Mount Holly and check out other interesting places in the area, but for now keep scrolling and reading to hear more about Stratosphere Brewing.

Stop on your way to Stratosphere Brewing at any of their many restaurants and bring it along with you to enjoy a beer with your meal, at the brewery! Mount Holly.

Stratosphere Brewing – Downtown Mount Holly

Stratosphere Brewing just recently celebrated their third month of operating… and along with that it appears they have created a new Facebook page which you can go like here.

The brewery’s location is unique in that while it is clearly visible from the town’s main Washington Street, a portion of the Rancocas Creek sits in front of the building, so you’ll need to drive a bit over to side road Bispharm St, which gives you access to the parking lot from the side.

The building is an older converted industrial building which gives it a lot of character to start with… and the team did an awesome job with the interior to highlight a rustic vibe.

A high ceiling and open floorplan open up the space at Stratosphere Brewing in Mount Holly

Plus Stratosphere Brewing has large windows which help open the space up and bring a lot of mother nature’s natural light into the space.

For me, there’s an interesting optical illusion in that in a quick glance from the outside the large windows appear more “regular” sized… and i thought the place was going to be smaller than it really is…  so when I walked in it struck me with a “Oh wow, there’s a lot of space in here!”

Stratosphere Brewing in Mount Holly opened this spring, joining a vibrant craft beverage area!

Inside the main tasting room is a surprisingly tall 20 feet or more of space with its vaulted ceiling, and an open floorplan.  The bar is on the far side of the room, featuring a rustic wood backdrop wall and another segment has a flow chart of the Stratosphere brewing process.

The brewery equipment for the five barrel system is also in the building of course, just around the other side of the bar backdrop wall

The co-owners built out the brewery themselves utilizing as much recycled wood and other products as they could get their hands on.  It likely helped that Jason is in the construction trades. Chris is a Navy veteran who spent much of his career as a meteorologist while in the service, which inspired the stratosphere name.

Ask to try a Shandy when you visit Stratosphere Brewing in Mount Holly. Beer mixed half-and-half with lemonade!

That reclaimed wood is very evident in the bar area as the entire bar and it’s front façade wall, as well as the main back wall of the bar… feature the multicolored hues of individually stained pieces of lumber. It really adds an awesome charm and character to the space!

The brewery has 24 taps available but thinking back to my memory I believe they were using maybe 9 or 10 of them during my visit.

The owners made the bar and full interior themselves, and also educate on the brewery process. Stratosphere Brewing in Mount Holly

So it looks like I didn’t keep enough notes on what I drank at the time, ha! But I tend to lean towards the lighter beers and I remember my original plan was to just stick around for one beer and that quickly turned into two.

And I know one of the beers I tried was a shandy, as recommended by beer-tender Danielle who created me a shandy which was a half-and-half beer mixed with lemonade!

Look, I’m a beer lover but that doesn’t mean I’m a great beer reviewer! And again the bigger problem is I am two months behind on this one.

A Facebook post from June 16th lists what was on tap then and it shows 9 different selections across the large variety of beer and seltzer styles.

Some would find it surprising there is only one IPA listed, as so many other breweries tend to overdue that one style. Well it seems Stratosphere is looking to give customers a wide variety of beer tasting experiences!

The well-rounded beer menu features a Stout, Porter, Witbier, Pilsner, Lager, and a Hazy Pale Ale.

They are also featuring two different Dew Point seltzers; one pomegranate and the other peach mango.

The ABV ranges from 4.9 for the “It’s a Philly Thing” pilsner up to 7.7 for their “Stratosphere Halcyon” IPA.

Stratosphere Brewing is open in Mount Holly. Parking lot entrance is on the side street (Bispharm St)

Stratosphere features live music at times… Today they started at 6:30pm. Check their social media for regular updates.

And of course in New Jersey the breweries can not offer food, but in downtown Mt Holly there are many options to chose from.

Links and Locations

Stratosphere Brewing
72 Washington Street, Suit 76B
Mount Holly, NJ, New Jersey