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Monterey Grill High-End Restaurant Being Developed at Aloft Mount Laurel Hotel

Monterey Grill High-End Restaurant Being Developed at Aloft Mount Laurel Hotel
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The Monterey Grill restaurant is being developed in Mount Laurel NJ, inside the Aloft hotel property.

It is expected to be a high end luxury restaurant and is being developed by the same restaurant group who operates the Harvest Grill locations (locally,  in Moorestown) and several other restaurants concepts.

The space within the hotel for the new restaurant is on the ground floor to the right of the lobby (behind the lobby bar) and previously was used as meeting space.

Monterey Grill is under construction at Mount Laurel’s Aloft Hotel. The new high-end luxury restaurant is being developed by the Harvest Grill family.

The parties involved though want to make it clear that this is a separately run restaurant targeting a higher end dining experience…  in fact is has been stated that the build out for the restaurant is $6 million!  And you have to consider that that this is being developed within an existing building so most of that expense is going into the interior!

Another exciting high-end twist is it has been stated that the chef is a former winner of Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen cooking contest show,, but I’ve not been able to 100% confirm that aspect or track down the name associated with the new restaurant.

The Aloft Hotel in Mount Laurel is getting a new and exciting tenant… Monterey Grill which is a high-end new restaurant concept being developed in the far corner.

This would be the first Monterey Grill branded restaurant for the group but they recently opened a high end restaurant in Florida called the Jupiter Grill, both of which are targeting a more luxury high-end dining experience.

It seems both the Jupiter Grill and the upcoming Monterey grill are steakhouses, but they are offering  broader menu choices which would include seafood. Interestingly the Florida located Jupiter Grill has Hell’s Kitchen Season 9 winner Paul Neidermann as the chef.

Architect renderings of the new Monterey Grill restaurant coming to the Aloft Hotel property in Mount Laurel. High-end and luxury were used to describe the décor.

Monterrey Grill Mount Laurel

The Aloft Hotel and upcoming Monterrey Grill sit along the busy Route 73 in Mount Laurel, but has an address of Fellowship Road. The New Jersey Turnpike Exit 4 toll booth is very close to the property.

Visiting the hotel yesterday I could see that the construction efforts is creating a new outdoor space in the front right corner of the building.

The preview imagery presented on a posterboard display inside makes exterior addition appear to function as an outside entrance to the restaurant, but then commentary related to the project states there is an outdoor dining component to the space, utilizing nano-doors which can easily fold to open in the indoors to the outside.

This patio construction for the new Monterey Grill at Aloft Hotel Mount Laurel, appears to be a restaurant exterior entrance and patio dining area. We’ll see soon enough, opening later this year.

So I think that this outdoor patio area is a restaurant entrance on the right portion, and dining on the left.

That preview poster also shows three additional architect rendered views of the upcoming restaurant.

Just based off of these three extra photos it does appear that they are sparing no expense to make this not only a high-end luxury meal, but also a high-end luxury environment.

From interesting overhead lighting atop the bar, to what looks to be a wall of wine in the distance of the bar.

There is what appears to be a private wine tasting area.

And the dining room space is presented with a variety of different wall and ceiling coverings including interesting geometric wooden boxes hanging up overhead of the space.

Honestly it just be easier to look at the photo I have here! Ha.

The lobby bar at Aloft Hotel in Mount Laurel. The space behind the bar is being developed into the Monterey Grill restaurant.

I’ve been unofficially told that they are looking to open sometime this fall, and that same preview poster board I just mentioned states “Opening in 2023”

Not a lot of details at this point. I googled the heck out of this project to find some any type of online presence, and there’s nothing to be found!

But of course I did find enough information to share with you in this article.

And we’ll have more as it gets closer to the grand opening

This hallway to the right of the Aloft lobby bar is closed.. as workers are building out the new Monterey Grill restaurant in the former meeting room space.

Links and Locations

Monterey Grill – Mount Laurel at Aloft Hotel (coming later 2023)
558 Fellowship Road
Mount Laurel, NJ