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Hash House A Go Go in Moorestown Mall Announces Closing, Effective Immediately

Hash House A Go Go in Moorestown Mall Announces Closing, Effective Immediately
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The Hash House A Go Go restaurant in the Moorestown Mall announced earlier today that they had closed the Burlington County location, effective immediately.

The announcement was made on their location’s Facebook page, just two days after the Christmas holiday.  It appears the newer location in Atlantic City at the Tropicana is unaffected by this decision and remains open.

It seems many knew this was coming as a commenter at the 42Freeway Facebook says they dined at Hash House in Mid-December and their water told them of the closing.

Hash House A Go Go has closed their Moorestown Mall (NJ) location today.

The announcement was a simple message stating:

We have made the difficult decision to close Hash House at the Moorestown Mall, effective immediately. A huge thank you to our loyal guest and great staff through the years, so much appreciated

Hash House A Go Go Moorestown Facebook Page

The Moorestown location of Hash House was on the Rt 38 side of the mall with an main exterior entrance to the parking lot. They were positioned between Harvest Seasonal Grill and Joe Italiano’s Maplewood.

While this news came as a shock to most, commenters at the popular South Jersey Food Scene Facebook Group heard about the news before the holidays, likely from employees who maybe were given some advanced notice on the closure. (Facebook Post)

Hash House A Go Go is a West Coast operated chain which traces its roots to the founder’s life growing up in Indiana’s Amish country.

The menu featured breakfast and brunch offerings, which were available all day.

Atlantic City’s Hash House A Go Go is still open! (Image: Hash House A Go Go)

Mos items had a unique twist to it which they called “twisted farm fresh“.  They describe the menu concept as “where old school meats new and gets twisted

One of their signature dishes was the Sage Fried Chicken and Bacon Stuffed Waffles, which are stacked up high on the plate… like a tower of deliciousness!

Another over the top breakfast item was The Griddled French Toast dipped in Banana Cinnamon Cream with Candied Pecan & Grilled Banana

Atlantic City’s Hash House A Go Go is still open! (Image: Hash House A Go Go)

The restaurant was also known for its large portions.. plates overflowing with food!

No other details on the closing of the Moorestown Hash House A Go Go location is available from their Corporate at this time, or PREIT who owns the Moorestown Mall.

That being said one would have to assume that impacts of the COVID pandemic shutdowns in New Jersey had to have played a factor.

Hash House A Go Go Moorestown closed for an extended time, and did not reopen until February of 2022.

Hash House A Go Go Moorestown Mall, in 2019 around the time of their opening

An interesting twist on that reopening is, when they had their initial Grand Opening of the Moorestown restaurant, it supported a full liquor license and bar. 

But when they finally reopened the location after the pandemic, they decided not to keep the liquor license.

Hash House A Go Go Facebook Comment in 2022, related to them no longer having alcohol sales in the Moorestown Mall (NJ) location.

In a response to a customer’s question on Facebook back in 2022, a representative stated that alcohol was less than 10% of the sales volume in Moorestown, and with the high price of the liquor license (in Moorestown) being over $1 million…  Hash House A Go Go could not justify keeping it.

So for the last 22 months the Moorestown Hash House A Go Go has been offering their signature huge portions of delicious twisted food… without their cocktail offerings, which featured “Johnny’s Famous BLT Bloody Mary”

Moorestown’s Hash House A Go Go around the grand opening time in 2019, featured a full bar.

At this point it is not known what is to become of the space, which initially started out as a Jose Garces Distrito location.

Last month Moorestown Mall owner PREIT had their quarterly earnings call, and at that time thet did not mention any changes to the Moorestown Mall’s restaurant landscape.

Just two weeks ago it was reported that PREIT was filing for bankruptcy protection for the second time, looking to cut $880 Million in debt.  This likely had no impact on Hash House A G Go’s decision to close at Moorestown, but more so calls out a potential tenant loss for PREIT.

Cooper Hospital recently completed a massive remodeling project to convert the former Sears Department Store at the Mall into a new Moorestown Medical Campus. A large residential development is also under construction in the parking lot.

Hash House A Go Go has closed their Moorestown Mall (NJ) location today.

Hash House A Go Go – Moorestown (Now Closed)
400 Rt 38 #1375
Moorestown, NJ 08057