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Haldi Fine Indian Cuisine is Open in Mt Laurel.  Beautifully Delicious

Haldi Fine Indian Cuisine is Open in Mt Laurel.  Beautifully Delicious
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Haldi Fine Indian Cuisine has opened in Mount Laurel NJ, in the Cambridge Crossing shopping center off of Route 38 West, which is most likely known for LA Fitness.

The décor of the restaurant offers a beautiful design which balances classic Indian style but in a modern setting.

The Haldi design team has done a great job positioning that decor so that it feels perfectly suitable for a casual dinner or date night, but then also is beautiful and classy enough for more significant dining opportunities such as celebrating family milestones or business meals with coworkers.

I stayed for lunch on Friday and was equally impressed by the food!   I was able to try several dishes including chicken, noodle and goat!

I found everything incredibly delicious with that addictive “oh I need more of this” quality! Bold yet balance flavors and spice, but not one aspect dominated the meal. Deliciously balanced.

A beautifully balanced décor.  A beautifully balanced meal!

While the address is 4180 Dearborn Circle they are technically right on Route 38 West, immediately before the 295 Entrance.

Haldi Indian Cuisine is owned by Burlington County resident Amar Gunda who has partnered with a chef with over 15 years experience working at top Indian restaurants, hotels and cruise lines.

Everything that is served at Haldi is made from the finest ingredients, with all aspects of the meal being made from scratch within the kitchen, including all of the amazing sauces.

Haldi Mount Laurel

Within the Route 38 Cambridge Crossing shopping center, Haldi is located directly in the center with a fountain positioned in front of the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant the dining room seats approximately 70 people.

It is one open space with booth seating on the far side, table seating in the center as well as tables along the right wall with long shared bench.

It’s clear that Amar and his team put a lot of thought into the design and seating, as every aspect has a classy attractiveness to it while being very comfortable.

The interior is brightly lit and predominantly light colors, with the light oak floor setting a base tone. Seating is gray our green with multi-tone tables and the walls add a big splash of color with a signature backwall of lighted baby blue color, as well as darker blue on the side wall.

Haldi – The Food

The restaurant name Haldi comes from the Indian spice which many also know as turmeric… an ingredient that is very important to Indian cuisine and is likely a part of most dishes. The spice is so important to the culture, there is even a fun pre-wedding “Haldi” ceremony for the bride and groom.

“Haldi” is an important space in Indian Cuisine and Culture, so much so that the Haldi Restaurant prepared a book of it’s importance.

Well of course they offer Chicken Tikka Masala… but in this visit I wanted to try different things!  So I ordered a vegetarian dish, a chicken dish and even a goat dish!

For an appetizer I went with a Mutton Ghee Roast which is small pieces of goat meat slowly cooked in a spicy ghee based marinade. A very flavorful dish…  perfectly cooked and every bite was delicious, although the meat was not boneless.

Mutton Ghee Roast; small pieces of goat meat slowly cooked in a spicy ghee based marinade. Haldi Mount Laurel

For next dish, my awesome server recommended Hakka Noodles as another appetizer, and I chose a vegetarian preparation.

Not that I’m an expert on Indian food but I’ve had Indian food many times and I honestly didn’t know about this amazing noodle dish!

If you’ve never had it, by description Hakka sounds like a soup as it carries similar ingredients but it really is a noodle dish as my bowl was filled top to bottom with the deliciously seasoned noodles… with flavorful spices, vegetables and broth tying it all together.

I could see customers coming to Haldi just to dine on their Hakka noodles!

Hakka Noodles (Vegetarion) : Stir-fried chewy noodles tossed with vegetables in a savory, spice-infused sauce. Haldi Mount Laurel

For my main entree I chose Andhra Chicken Curry which is tender chicken cooked in Telugu style with a fiery blend of spices.

I also really enjoyed this dish, which is cooked in a thick stew-like broth… bursting with flavors

Andhra Chicken Curry; Tender chicken cooked in Telugu style with fiery blend of spices. Haldi Mount Laurel NJ

Hot spices are a big part of Indian Cuisine, and right on the menu this dish is called-out for it’s fiery blend of spices! I think I went with a level 2 or 3 heat on my spice which was just at my “peak of heat” where it delicious, flavorful and just the right amount of heat!

Haldi Fine Indian Cuisine is open every day for lunch and dinner, but the do close for a few hours mid-afternoon between the two core meal times. Check Facebook for hours, or book a reservation online!

Masala Dosa – Crepes stuffed with potato filling – Haldi Indian Restaurant, Mount Laurel.

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Haldi Fine Indian Cuisine
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